So, Listen…

My Internet isn’t working.

That is, I am unable to use my desk top computer or my much quicker, and hence more efficient, wifi at home. This is super frustrating to say the least, and at it’s worst, thankfully, it is a very small first world problem. I have lots of crap to tell you guys but the truth of the matter is that I don’t want to type a ton on my smart phone. For one, any iPhone user can tell you that one just cannot trust the spellcheck feature on this phone. Take it from someone who has had the word “congrats” changed to “contests” and “over” changed to “orgies” when sending text messages. No thanks to predictive text, I thankfully caught the ladder of those two mistakes before hitting send.

Some things that are relatively important to life ’round here lately:

– We are expecting our very first, potentially significant anyway, snowfall of the season tonight. It will probably either amount to nada or just rain overnight, but I am hoping to wake up to a glistening winter wonderland tomorrow, even if it only is an inch or two. I bought more coffee and chocolate chips for some serious cookie makin’ should we be “snowed in” tomorrow mawnin’. Here is hoping!

– Last night, we played hide and seek with Jerry. He hid behind a curtain in our dining room, like so…


Tonight, I am proud to say he took it up a notch…


BAM. Now THAT is hiding, ladies and gents. At least for a three year old.

– Little Debbie’s heart snack cakes are out. They’re good. Get some. NOW.

– Last, but not least, I have really underestimated how much I like pepper jack cheese. I mean, I REALLY like it. Oh my gosh, so tasty.

There you have it. Some ramblings off the top of my head. Hope to be back to blogging like a BOSS soon. Until then, curse you Atlantic Broadband, get your sweetheart cakes and don’t share em and remember, it’s the little things and stuff.

Happy Thuraday! <—- see, spellcheck FAIL. I’m keepin’ it.


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