Fails from today:

  • Putting my iPhone face down on the dining room table, right onto a pile of milky oat flakes that my three-year old had left on the tabletop. Sticky. Ew.
  • Thinking that I could handle nursery all by myself at church…and then a friend of mine coming to check on me and promptly seeing that her daughter was painting her new dress with orange paint. Orange paint that I am crossing my fingers is very, very washable. (Meep.)
  • Thinking that my roast was taking forever to finish cooking before I realized that I was aiming to cook it to an internal temperature that was much higher than I needed to. D’oh!
  • Realizing that there is STILL a handful of people who I haven’t gotten to call to either thank them for Christmas gifts or to just say, “hi.”
  • Remembering that there is STILL a butt-load of laundry to do, some of which entails clean sheets for my children who have both made mince meat of their pillows and bedding due to both throwing up and wetting the bed, respectively, in the past few days.
  • Getting home from what feels like the umpteenth trip to the grocery store these past few weeks and realizing that there are STILL pertinent things that I have forgotten to get, either again or for the first time. Who needs garlic powder, dishwashing detergent or floor cleaner, right?
  • Mopping the floor. I mean, just in general. What’s the point when Motts for Tots fruit punch and milk are spilled on it within 8.4 seconds??

Wins from today:

  • As always, babies that hold my face in their tiny hands and give me kisses.
  • Stealing a cup of coffee from my neighbor and hanging out with her for a few minutes.
  • Getting the last few Christmas gifts that have been laying around to their rightful owners. WOOT!
  • Previously mentioned momma who found her daughter painting her soul with orange paint being amazing about it and even deciding to stay and help me with nursery. Cus, you know, OBVIOUSLY I did need help.
  • The roast turning out decently well considering I felt like it cooked for 3 days.
  • A relatively clean kitchen, two baskets of folded laundry and a sizable dent in the dirty clothes to be washed. OK, I’ll take it.
  • Kids who at least napped at the same time today. That is ALWAYS something to rejoice over.
  • A cute husband. Because every gal needs one.

I hope that you had a wonderful Sunday, yourselves. Remember: whether you like it or not, this is the start of a new week.

Happy Sunday!!


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