22 Days For Gratitude – Day 17: Date Nights

To any parent, they’re pretty much the most amazing thing ever. A few hours out with the one that you love is a good thing. A few hours out with the one you love WITHOUT the kids in tow? Best thing ever.

We have had our share of date nights over the years and call ourselves blessed to have two sets of grandparents willing to babysit pretty often. Thank you guys so much. It really means so much to Rob and I.

We’ve sat in parking lots and enjoyed fast food. We’ve had intimate conversations over sandwiches at Subway. We’ve gotten gussied up for a night of sushi or Italian dishes. We’ve slipped on jeans and sweatshirts to hit the local pub and grab a burger. We’ve had dinners that consist of popcorn, soda and candy while watching the one movie out of several that we want to see, enjoying two hours of escapism. Heck, we’ve spent our time wandering down aisles at Target or Wal Mart – even Lowes, dreaming of what we would do if we had extra money to decorate or plotting the major projects we want to tackle down the road.


We were just glad to be out without having to worry about holding little hands or carrying little bodies. Glad to leave the house without a stocked diaper bag in tow. Date nights and their glory cannot be overestimated. I kind of consider them the in-between moments. They somehow fit in amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an escape from the norm. A chance to just stop and say “hi there” to your love. A chance to transcend all that has happened in a seemingly short spans of time (where did these kids come from??) by reminding yourselves just why you love the heck out of one another.

And enjoy getting back home to your babies with them. Date night for the win.


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