…How Was MY Day?

Oh, let’s see, let’s see….

Well, Clara is teething. Currently, her 2 year molars are painstakingly working their way through her gums. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in her temperament save for her constant need to hit…whatever she feels like hitting. Her brother, myself or the dog – she isn’t picky. Or in her rejecting almost anything that I put on her plate at mealtime while throwing her cup of milk onto the floor. She did find some activities that pleased her by the end of the day…

Oh, black crayon. We hardly knew ye.

Oh, black crayon. We hardly knew ye.

What? Doesn’t eating a black crayon soothe YOU at the end of a stressful day? Jerry was in a great mood today. And I was too for the most part though my mood did take a hit when Jerry peed on me while he was using the bathroom. I should have known better than to crouch down in front of him to help steady him on the potty seat while he does his business. The fact is that even though I’m irritated that I was peed on (and now have to wash his clothes and his shoes) I am completely amazed as to how that hasn’t happened before in all of my potty training days. Jerry was very sympathetic to the fact that he went potty on mommy.

“SO!?!!?! You need to change my clothes.”

I did some baking today. Gingerbread Men cookies. Yea, that went super great. The dough became super hard to manage at a certain point, which prompted me to study the directions one more time to be sure that I was doing everything right. And I figured out what the problem was. Technically, I was following the recipe perfectly. But…once I reread the instructions I realized that the default setting for the number of servings on this recipe was set to make 72 servings. That’s right, 72 Ginger-man cookies. 6 Dozen. Guess what EVERYONE will be getting for Christmas?!

If we're doing this, we're doing it right.

If we’re doing this, we’re doing it right.

The day did have it’s silver lining. That would be me, laying on my sofa, eating Reese’s Mini’s and watching reruns of Roseanne. Sure, Rob ate the rest of my bag of candy, but I mean, what woman needs chocolate?? Like, ever? In the back recesses of my mind, I am a little bit worried that the world may end tomorrow. Only because…just because. Now I’m not saying that I’m ridiculously worried about anything happening. But, to think about it…I spent my day being peed on and smacked in the face by my kids, watching reruns of Roseanne and eating Reese’s Mini’s when I SHOULD have been eating one of the 3,345 Gingerbread cookies that I made today.

I’m cool with whatever happens. I got told I love you way to many times by Jerry, hugged and kissed by Clara, ate about half of a bag of some delicious chocolate and completed a little bit more of my Christmas plotting. God is good. Chocolate is great. Children are nuts.



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