22 Days For Gratitude — Day 16: Strength

Kicking the can.

Yes, I’m still doing these! Haha. We have not yet reached day 22. And while I have slowed down in recent weeks, it is the Christmas season after all and there is much to do, I intend to finish my series of intentional gratitude before the end of the year.

This has been a better week for me. You may remember my post from about 10 days ago, where I was up to my ears in frustration with my current fitness regimen and my figure. To say that I was over it would be an understatement. Last week was a tough week to get through, which may be another reason that I did not get to post. I had finally reached the point where I knew that something in my lifestyle needed to change and where I realized that I truly needed to push myself if I were to make anything happen. My husband, who has offered this several times over the years, asked if he could “design” a fitness routine for me to use. I finally relented, not really sure why I had never let him do this for me in the first place. Along with that and the encouragement from friends who also recently started doing very similar things and changing their lifestyles, I figured that God couldn’t make it more obvious just where I needed to start.

Let me say that Rob is a former Marine…so, letting a former Marine design a workout means that you’re going to work….out. 

Hence why last week was a tough week. Rob plotted out three days worth of work out’s at the gym, mixed some cardio but mostly strength training. I was good until Day 2. Day 2 was leg day. And let me just say that there are two things that I hate 1.) the band Creed and 2.) lunges of any kind.  And Day 2 was chalked full of them, plus other leg workout’s, guaranteed to make you stiff and incredibly sore afterwards or your money back. While Day 1 with its back and arm workouts did make me sore having super sore legs somehow manages to be worse, at least, in my case it was. From Wednesday to Friday I could hardly bend my legs, I would have rather preferred standing than trying to sit and I loathed the stairs in my house.

By Saturday and especially Sunday my legs were feeling much better. We will see what happens on Wednesday.

I thought that the strength training would just be for the muscles. Turns out that there has been some refining for both my willpower and my determination. And I have realized that this is the first time in my life that I have physically had to press myself to get something that I wanted. I am not the most disciplined person. I prefer the easy way out, don’t we all, and I am not someone to just jump in head first or give up something cold turkey. I want to make it as easy on myself as possible and ease into something. There wasn’t a chance for that with this schedule, it was sore muscles from day 1.

The other notable change in my life this past week – giving up soda.

Soda is my crutch. I would rather have soda than a brownie or cookie. I would rather have a soda than ice cream. Soda is my go to for everything. Not diet soda…as if. No, regular, cold and bubbly Coke. Or *dreamy sigh* Cherry Coke. I won’t say that I am cured, but I will say that for more than 10 days I have successfully kicked the can. And excitedly enough, there are already some noticeable changes to my waistline. But, even more than what I have been doing with myself and my workout’s this week, the biggest change has been what I haven’t been putting into my body.

I told Rob, probably after Hell Day leg day that “it isn’t fair. My muscles hadn’t been pushed in years. And they are quite content to stay weak and almost useless. To get them to a better place, it requires so much pain.” I can’t even begin to tell you all of the ways that this is symbolic of our lives. It isn’t glamorous to make changes like this or to push yourselves. It hurts. Things tear and sting. Knees buckle. Things have to heal, but thankfully they heal back stronger. Maybe a part of this week that has been so awesome is that…God is showing me Himself in all of this. One, that I can’t flirt with drinking soda and eating garbage on a regular basis. I truly need to decide just what I will and won’t put into my body and stick with it. That I either have to try or not try, there is no in between, it won’t get you anywhere good. There can be no lukewarm. In almost anything. It really is either solidly all or absolutely nothing. And two, that I don’t have to answer to a soda can. I decide what habits I will permit and relent myself to and what I won’t. And two, that the pain will be worth it. It won’t be easy, but it will be for gain.

So this is a follow-up to that other, ya know, post. The one where I was defeated. I hope that if any of you read that one and could sense the discouragement and perhaps were a bit off the mark yourselves and are now reading this, that you will be encouraged. I am not a prima athlete. Not yet, anyway. I still have a ways to go before my knees don’t buckle when I do a lunge. But, I’m trying and I hope that you are, or will, too.


Happy Tuesday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “22 Days For Gratitude — Day 16: Strength

  1. Maryellen says:

    Nice post. You keep on keeping on but, a Marine designing your workout might turn out to be a hard one. You might be a “woman of steel” when it is all over. lol Good luck. I enjoy reading your posts.


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