5 Minute Friday — {Thank You}

It really is hard to stay within the 5 minute parameter AND not proofread what I write before posting. I can’t promise that I don’t go back and check on my spelling (as if I’m a great…speller?..) from time to time.

Thank you

A lot about marriage still eludes me. Don’t get me wrong, I am very, very happy and more than that,I am blessed. It isn’t a deficiency in my beliefs about marriage and what purpose it serves. More of it lies with how dumbfounded I am about how wonderful my husband is. And how he continues to prove me wrong time and time again when I think I have finally seen the best of him. He is consistent…in the fact that he continues to inspire me and leave me in awe. He isn’t so good with the words. Rob has a servant’s heart. He may not recite a poem for me in public, his compliments may not reach much beyond “You look nice today…”  or “You’re pretty…” (at least not always) but there is so much in his heart that he reveals in what he does. He means what he says and says what he means. How I won the heart of someone like this, I’ll probably never know. It is super hard to stay within a five-minute restriction for time, but I’m doing my best (and thankfully, I’m a pretty fast typist.)

Robert William, I love you. You show me Jesus everyday. You forgive, you love, you show grace and you lead. And I know that lately you have said that you’re lacking in motivation and if that may be true, please believe that me or anyone else that knows you doesn’t think that it is because you lack in skill or perception. You are amazing. You can literally do anything that you put your mind too, just sometimes the puttin’ too is pretty hard. But I’m here to do all that I can so that you can do what you need to do. But THANK YOU for all that you have already done.

It will keep getting better.

Love you!

**This is where this “5 Minute Friday” series comes from. I can’t get her button to work on my blog for some reason so I am giving credit where it is more deservedly due. Thanks!”**

<img src=”http://lisajobaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/5minutefriday.jpg” alt=”Five Minute Friday” title=”Five Minute Friday” style=”border:none;” />


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