22 Days For…You Know What. — Day 12…Yesterday

We all know what yesterday was…(Hint: THANKSGIVING.)

Yesterday was somewhat different from I thought it would be. I had my well laid plans for what I would be cooking, I planned to be finished and ready on time and most importantly – the coffee was brewed and ready to assist in my preparations. Because you can’t cook without coffee. I was ready to make my green bean casserole and dutch apple pie, among other things. I really enjoy cooking and baking so I was looking forward to some time in the kitchen to make things that I don’t normally make. But yesterday was unexpectedly harder than I thought it was going to be. I have had quite a bit on my mind in recent days. There are things looming in the background and in the (potentially) not so distant future that I am downright afraid of. And those things were as annoying as a ringing in my ears yesterday as I was crumbling up streusel for my pie and tried to get my mind to travel anywhere else than the worry. I was tired, I was preoccupied and could think of nothing other than the future, in all of it’s hazy and unforeseeable glory.

I have heard it said before that the pilgrims dug more graves than they built homes here in the new world. There weren’t very many reasons to be thankful, or so it would seem. But not only did they rejoice and give thanks for what they still had and for what they had to look forward too, they had a big stinking feast in order to do so. In the midst of turmoil, in the aftermath of despair, they poured out thanksgiving from their hearts anyway. That is a true heart of gratitude. They weren’t so preoccupied with what was lost that it immobilized them or let it take the edge off of the wonders of this new world that were unfolding everyday. On the contrary, they knew that they had more reason than ever to be grateful for all they had because they had seen and lived through the worst. Consider their frame of mind during those times and our current culture’s state of mind now, as people are currently knocking one another over, the masses rushing around the Black Friday Sales.

This is the frame of mind that I hope to choose as the future becomes…not so distant. That I would be bold and would be ready. And that my eyes would be opened amongst the haze so that I would see what truly matters. That I would see all of the things that I have to be thankful for.  I pray that a spirit of thanksgiving would not be something superficial for you, either. That even though Thanksgiving has now passed, that we would stay within this state of mind especially throughout the holiday season.

I must go, my coffee is ready. ::grin::

Happy Friday


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