22 Days For Gratitude — Day 10: Sundays {A Sunday State of Mind}

I really like having a day where I feel like some of the rules and fuss can be thrown out the window. I want to lay on my couch and cat-nap without feeling guilty. I want to eat an extra helping (or two) of dinner and not feel bad about it. I want to ignore the mess that is in my house and not feel like I’m being lazy. For me that day would be Sunday, in all of it’s lazy and procrastinating glory. I am a big believer in having times set aside for my husband and I and our children to just rest. I want my children to know that there is nothing wrong with taking a breather and setting the tasks aside for another day.

But Sunday is more than just spontaneous laziness for us. At times, it is a state of mind. Worshipping and fellowshipping with our church family, an extra cartoon to enjoy and a meal together before we start our week – tonight was mac-n-cheese and grilled cheese for dinner. And Sundays are the only day that I make an extra pot of coffee for myself to enjoy during the afternoon. Sundays are a time to rejoice in the week that has passed and look forward to preparing for the week that is to come. There has always been something about a Sunday for me. And while not every Sunday is as relaxed and carefree as this one was, I will take even just one Sunday out of a bunch that allows for us to just lay back and enjoy. A Sunday that truly allows for rest and relaxation.

And yes, it is totally OK to be intentional about rest and relaxation. 😀

Hoping you all had a wonderful Sunday!


One thought on “22 Days For Gratitude — Day 10: Sundays {A Sunday State of Mind}

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very lovely Ashley. We love Sundays also and for many of the same reasons. (well except the little ones but that would be a complete joy also)


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