22 Days for Gratitude: Day 9: Space — Five Minute Friday – {Stay}

Five minute Friday  Saturday.


Lately I have struggled with the realization that time has slowly been creeping away from me. My children are growing. My face is changing and seemingly older when I look in the mirror. I don’t always recognize that woman with the baggy eyes staring back at me. Where does it all go when it passes? And just how is it able to move so quickly? There are seasons in life that I just want to stay in, that I want to savor. “I think I could really like it here” I say to myself. But it doesn’t stay, it marches forward. I remember how my mother would seem sad on her birthdays, when she would blow out the candles and stare at the smoke that they made as they would billow away. And she would wonder out loud just where it all goes. I never understood what that meant until just these past few years. Millions of minutes within the span of just a few years, thousands of hours gone by. But how do I measure my time? In hugs, in love, in laughter, in kisses. In the number of times that shoes are placed on little feet, the number of times we have sat down to dinner together and held hands in prayers of thanksgiving for our food. No, it won’t always stay the same. But the memories, they shall stay. Forever.

I would have a button for this post, but for some reason HTML will not work properly on WordPress. Go figure. Trying to work out the kinks…

Thankful for some quiet and space to be able to blog on this lovely Saturday. It really is the little things. Happy weekend. 


10 thoughts on “22 Days for Gratitude: Day 9: Space — Five Minute Friday – {Stay}

  1. Deanna Kozarov says:

    Yes, I know what you mean, life with kids is going pretty fast, I realized too that I am not getting any younger, it is sad. I am all about wanting things to stay the same too. But memories? How I love memories. They do last forever, that is why I also take tons of pictures, every moment with my family is precious to me.


  2. Melissande says:

    I loved this, Ashley. I have felt much the same way lately. I cried last night to my husband that sometimes I just wish that things would always stay the same. It seems so unfair, sad, and even scary at times that things are always changing – marching forward. I really enjoyed this post. ❤


  3. Leslie Kendall Dye says:

    And the painted ponies go up and down…
    this song started playing in my head when my daughter was only a newborn!
    but we, as tennessee williams said, must devote our hearts to the opposition of loss!
    so I try to think of what we have GAINED in the two years gone by. I miss the baby flesh, but we have a family now, more and more and more…
    Happy upcoming weekend to yours!


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