22 Days For Gratitude -Day 6: Family

I love my husband. 

And I am so, so, SO glad he is back home with us. He was on a business trip to Dallas from Tuesday through late last night. Of course I miss him whenever he is gone for any extended length of time but I do like to have some extra time with my kiddos. I normally try to make the best of this time, spoil them a little and ultimately hold onto my butt and try to make it through until Rob gets home. All that I have to say is that….My Kids. Wore. Me. OUT. Clara is teething and is perpetually grumpy these days. Even though I feel terrible that she is in pain, her constant whining and whimpering have been a little bit like nails on a chalk board. And Jerry…Jerry is amazing (they both are) but he is also going through the “treacherous three’s.” Back talking, bad attitudes and stubbornness have emerged as of late. Not so fun.

Of course, anytime children are involved, expect the randomness. Such as turning around and seeing that your 3-year-old has yet again taken his pants off as you’re trying to get ready to head out the door. Or seeing your one year old get frustrated and throw bath toys out of the tub because she keeps trying to sit on the toy basket in the tub…only to have it keep slipping away.

Needless to say, even though it meant doing so late at night, I was more than happy to pick Rob up last night from the airport. 

Home is where the heart is…but where is your heart?

I am so very thankful to have a husband who itches to get back home to his family when he is gone. Who misses those hours and minutes with them when he has to be away. I am so glad that I have a husband that treasures that time with his babies…and who will hopefully take them out tomorrow so that mommy can have a break. His heart is here, with his people, with his family. He does what he does so that he can make things better for us at home. It gives me such peace to know that he looks forward to coming and being home. Thankfully, we are all a unit again. And even though I enjoyed extra time with the kiddos, even though Rob enjoyed being in Dallas gathering experience for work and enjoying a place he hasn’t been yet…home is good.

Family is even better. 


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