22 Days For Gratitude – Day 4 – ‘Merica

I avoid getting political in my conversations if I can. Especially on any of the various social mediums that I have an account with. Unfortunately, between some who have keyboard courage and partisan views, I can say that I have almost never gotten into a discussion about politics that leaves me feeling enlightened and fulfilled. At least, like I said, whenever I have become involved in a conversation online.

I can’t stand how people are so quick to label, judge or disavow themselves from someone so easily over political views. Sure, I can agree that I don’t really want to listen to some people talk about politics, like Cher for instance. But just because Cher and I disagree it doesn’t mean that I wish bad things for her. And it doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to any of her songs ever again (…not that I do…) It means that we just disagree.

What bothers me is that people use politics as a way to be divisive, or perhaps consider themselves more highly than they ought. They use political affiliation to write someone off. Have we become so divided that saying, “I disagree” just isn’t enough? We have to cut someone off at the knees? Or put them down?

We shouldn’t be divided after an election, we should at the very least be united in our expectations so that once the dust settles, our elected official do what we elect (and expect) them to do, lead. We get so busy trying to tear one another down during election season that I think we forget to hold our elected officials accountable. It is our duty to be informed, it is our duty to be involved and we should accept those tasks with pride. Being in the know doesn’t stop after an election. Our leaders will only operate on the standards with which we allow.

Today, I am grateful for the chance to vote. Do I always agree with the outcomes of elections? Heck no. Do I think that there is always room for improvement in our political system? Um, YAH.

But I am grateful that I get the same chance to make my voice heard as anyone else.

There are so many things that we take for granted in this day and age. Being informed and being able to vote shouldn’t be one of them. Like it or not, our interests ARE the same, no matter which party leader tells you otherwise.

So before I start reading the , “if so and so wins, I’m moving to another country…” posts, let me just encourage you to 1.) make sure you vote today 2.) that you put on your big-girl/big-boy underpants and deal with whatever happens and 3.) remember that God is sovereign, He is our true leader.

That is good enough for me.


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