Things That Have Made Me Smile This Week

I had other things to write about from this week but couldn’t get my brain to function enough to put it all into words. What this means for you is that once again I’m going to inundate you with tons of pictures from the past week. We’ve pretty much adjusted to being back home from vacation. Jerry has asked once or twice to go back to Williamsburg. This isn’t unusual, as mommy and daddy have also asked to go back. We’re still waiting on that.

So, for this week, you get more pictures. Here are a few moments from the past few weeks that have elicited a smile. Things that have made screaming children, food thrown on the floor and spilled milk worth it. Like always.

A big guy! (and getting bigger by the minute)

The silliest girl…

She wouldn’t let us take it off!

Planting our new peach tree!!


Daddy’s little adorable helper


I underestimated how much she would like playing in the dirt!!


“Cereal is for GIRLS!!!” – Jerry being TOUGH


I made it to the gym three days this week. I’m feeling (and hopefully, soon I’ll be SEEING) the burn. I hope you had a great week as well. Remember to enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your children The weather. Family and friends. And sleeping in. Sleeping in sounds good.

*crosses fingers*



2 thoughts on “Things That Have Made Me Smile This Week

  1. Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking says:

    Yay, sounds like it’s been a wonderful week for you! Love your little cutie patooties… they’re growing more by the minute. And hey, if cereal’s for girls, pass more this way! Good job on the workouts too. I’ve been upping mine lately as well (same distance and duration) but not burning THAT many calories! What kind of workout are you doing? Hope you have a great weekend! XO


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Hey there. We had a great (but tiring) week. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments. I really feel like it is all flying by and they are growing by the minute. They’re so much fun.

      Yay for you getting to the gym!! I have been doing two things in my pursuit for healthiness/weight loss. The first is I use a My Fitness Pal ap on my smart phone. This helps me count my calories, watch what I eat and to keep to my goals. The second is using an elliptical at the gym. I set that to a fat burning routine. The resistance will fluctuate between a 2 (not so bad) to a 12 (kill me) and back and forth during the workout, all in 1-2 minute increments. It’s really helped me maximize what little bit of time I have at the gym since I have to work around kiddos.

      I’m hoping to do 40 minutes or more at a time next week, just have to make it there with the kiddos a touch earlier. Phew! Not that you needed ALL of that info, but I hope some of that helped! Haha.

      Have a good weekend! Miss you lots!! xoxo


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