5 Things Thursday: Williamsburg, VA Edition

We’ve been vacationing this week in Williamsburg, VA. We are blessed enough to be able to escape for a week of family time. Vacationing with two kiddos has been exhausting. We have tried to cram in as much activity and fun as we can during our time here. Plus, there are always the logistics of planning your day out with two littles. So, no, I haven’t been able to soak in the big master bathtub here as much as I had envisioned myself doing. And Rob and I aren’t quite as rested as we dreamed of. But that’s OK. We feel fortunate enough during times like these to be able to escape together for almost a whole week. And to have two happy little ones that are up for just about anything.

In pictures, here are 5 things about this week that we have enjoyed.
1.) Deliciousness.


2.) The cuteness.




3.) The Views20120913-192916.jpg





4.) The FUN




5.) The exhaustion

Only one pic needed to sum that up…

Hope that you’re having a great week. I know that we are. Looking forward to being back next week with more to post on – including a guest post that will be featured on here shortly!!

Happy Thursday!!


4 thoughts on “5 Things Thursday: Williamsburg, VA Edition

  1. Tricia Barringer says:

    Hey, Ash! Glad you are enjoying time away from here. Hope the weather holds & you get to saok in that tub…..w/o a kid jumping in! lol! xxo Momma B


  2. Maryellen says:

    Oh, I am glad you are enjoying yourself and even though things might not be as peaceful as going by yourselves, you also get to have all the fun. I sure hope you find time for soaking tub. Have fun. Looks like you guys have great weather. I love your posts, you write so well, ENJOY!!


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