5 Things Thursday:: 5 Things About Autumn I’m Looking Forward To

I love this time of year. I can sense that pleasant and mild weather is right around the corner. And this is A-OK with me.

I have a lot of memories of summertime while growing up. Running around barefoot, swimming swimming and more swimming, ice cream, blue crabs. They’re wonderful memories. Any kid can attest to the fact that there is just something about the summertime. No school, minimized responsibility and structure – why it seems that summer is a season right up a kid’s alley. And as a child, I totally identified with that line of thinking. But now as I’ve grown up and had children of my own, I have thought about what memories are the fondest for me. Those memories are rooted in autumn.

The return of football and those Sundays where my parents would be watching and cheering for the game (go Skins!!…probably lost a follower or two on that one. Good 😉 ) with cold cuts and soda. Canada Geese flying overhead, sometimes even landing in the field behind our house. Of course, Halloween and dressing up like a witch for the 10th time. Changing leaves and how they smelled when I would step outdoors. Spending the night at my friend’s house who lived right by the area’s premiere pumpkin patch and watching all of them turn bright orange as the time for picking drew near. Just mild, sunny weather to enjoy and activities steeped in tradition. Pumpkin picking.  The great outdoors where you won’t need to sweat through your shirt just to enjoy an hour outside. Warm drinks – yea, I’ll state the obvious, pumpkin flavored drinks are a good thing. Baking, baking and more baking. There is something about heading indoors, if only for a little bit since you can still technically get out and enjoy that wonderful weather, which I keep talking about.

The worst part? You’ll get to used to it, and before you know it, winter will be here.

I’ll still take it.

5 Things About Autumn I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Baking. This one should be pretty self-explanatory. The weather turns a bit chillier, so what better to warm you up than flavorful, warm baking. Apple pies and apple crisp. Pumpkin bread and pies. Cookies. I’ve already made donuts, cookies and zucchini bread in the last week and a half. I’m ready to bake. Of course, pairing any of the aforementioned things with hot chocolate or coffee is a total win. I plan on buying actual baking pumpkins this year as opposed to the canned pumpkins to make my pies and bread. Check out this site which tells you how to buy baking pumpkins and turn them into decadent pies. And check out this page for wonderful autumn recipes.


2. The Weather. I know that I only seem like I am just regurgitating things that I have already said, but that doesn’t make it any less true. In Maryland, the weather is extremely mild and pleasant (in my humble opinion) twice a year – early spring and autumn. The humidity vanishes and the air turns crisper while the country side is still green even as the leaves are changing colors. By October, I have had my fill of sweating through my clothing while chasing my children around the yard. And who doesn’t love those crisp mornings, mild afternoons and brisk evenings? Who doesn’t enjoy the golden sunshine and the red leaves? No one? Yea, that’s what I thought.

3. Getting the change to take pictures. This is a personal venture that I want to do. I’m really looking forward to getting the chance to take pictures of the changing weather. I have gotten my fair share of spring and summer photos this year, so now I am really looking forward to having the chance to capture photos of my children while they are enjoying the great fall weather. I plan on taking as many pictures as I can and, like I previously said, trying to bake a pumpkin pie completely from scratch. The third goal? To look at the pretty pictures that I will get to take, while sitting down and enjoying the tons of sweet treats I hope to bake. Be jealous.

4. The Schedule. There are two reasons why this part is important to me. First, would be the return to a normal schedule that comes with fall. OK, so technically, every part of the year has its own sense of normalcy. And there is something about having a nice, long extended break. That is one of the reason’s that summer is fantastic. But there is something comforting about knowing that the kids are in school, football is on the television and everyone is in bed at a decent hour. I’m not always one for structure, but there is something to be said for the piece of mind that it can bring. Summer is typically the exception to these things, not the rule. And while I love late nights drinking cold drinks and eating my fill of potato salad at BBQ’s, and try to do this frequently all summer might I add, I do love the steadiness the other 9 months of the year bring.

The second part. I only realized this recently: there are no major holidays to fret over between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. I am not forgetting that there are several holidays between then and now, Veteran’s and Columbus Day, respectively. But, do we need to decorate for those? No. Do we need to fret over gift giving? Nah. No holiday parties to plan. Nothing major to worry about. Enjoy this stretch between now and Thanksgiving because we all know that before Halloween has even passed, we will be staring at giant inflatable Santa’s at Lowe’s. And sighing.


5. The wardrobe. Prepare for hibernation. I repeat: prepare for hibernation. It’s time for snuggly sweaters. Scarves and gloves. By March, wearing most of these things will feel cumbersome and we will be ready for tank tops again. But at the beginning of fall, we’re ready for looser fitting and soft clothes. I love breaking out my favorite sweaters. It isn’t to cold to get away with just a long sleeve shirt and pants in the earlier parts of fall, which is wonderful. You don’t have to bundle up yet, but you can just slip into something more comfortable. And of course, you don’t have to dread those itty bitty summer clothes as you prepare for hibernation. Let your skin get pale and let yourself drink way to many pumpkin flavored Starbucks drinks. Enjoy it. The sun will come round again before you know it and we will all be worrying about how good we will look in those shorts.



There you have it. A much more light-hearted 5 Things Thursday this week. I’m hoping that you, too, are looking forward to fall. I know I am. I even have a countdown on my sidebar for it. Because I love it…and because I sometimes have nothing better to do. I haven’t decided yet if anything magical will happen after it has finished counting down. You’ll just have to stick around and see.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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