Friday Fav’s (linking up with “Finding Joy”)

This is my first time linking up to Finding Joy , an awesome and uplifting blog I try to keep up with and highly recommend to you. Every week I say that I will do this. I promise myself I will find and then take the time to write about my favorite things or thoughts from the week. Some weeks, this is harder than others. And sometimes, it’s easy as pie. This week, I’m finally doing it.

I’m thankful for a peaceful Friday morning.


Save for a few moments, this morning was relatively calm thanks to Disney Junior and Apple Jacks. I’ll take it.

I’m thankful for a little girl who is growing.

She is learning new words and actions every week. These are new ways to remind me that she is growing and that, indeed, these years do fly by.


I am thankful for this moment….


and this one…


…and for all of the moments my joyful and spontaneous children give me.

How they let me live through them if only for a little bit and laugh at them.

I’m thankful to see my son becoming more and more like a little boy everyday.

It is amazing to see his imagination at work when he plays.


I am so so SO thankful that I have been waking up to mornings that feel if only a tad cooler and crisper.

For evenings that are getting darker a touch earlier. I know autumn is coming and this warms my heart.

I like summer, I really do. But there is just something about fall.


And I’m just thankful its the weekend. I’m hoping for some calm. I’m hoping for some relaxation. And if I have to be honest, I’m really hoping for some blue crabs. Because if you live on the eastern shore then that’s really what it’s all about. Almost.

Happy Friday!!

friday favorite things | finding joy


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