You Know You’re….When…

You know you’re a blogger when going about your daily life, all that you can think about is whether or not something would make a great blog post. 

It is true. I get inspired in the grocery store. I get inspired in the Chick Fil A parking lot. I get inspired when I come upstairs and discover that my son has taken off his diaper and used the potty…in his bed. I also get pretty irritated and contemplative about that last part. I mean…why? Why would you remove your diaper and…nevermind. I am clearly giving this waaay too much thought.

One movie line that has stuck out to me about blogging…in fact the only movie line that has stuck out to me about blogging, is “Blogging is merely graffiti with punctuation.” I guess I could see how one would think that is true. If you’re expecting to read Jane Austen, you’re probably not going to find that here as I lament about stepping on toys in the middle of the night. You aren’t going to find some witty, well versed story for the ages, no. These are stories of chasing children, keeping house, finding sanity and laughing your butt off that have probably been told before, in one form or fashion.

But you know what, they’re mine. Maybe in some cases, they’re your’s, too. You’ve had days like mine, moments like mine, both good and bad. What I write about just happened yesterday or last week. You can read it and go “me two.”  We are in this together, friend. That is what makes storytelling great, I think. How relatable, honest and thoughtful it is. You’re getting a piece of me every time you read something folks. For that…I’m almost kind of sorry.


But I’m not sorry that it is almost the weekend. Happy Thursday, everyone!!


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