The Logistics of Being a Mom

It’s the trip across town to the hospital to see your father, with your toddler and 1-year-old in tow. It is your one year old who wets his pants once you almost make it inside and you then remembering that you didn’t bring the diaper bag because it would have been to much of a fuss. Back to the car you go.

It is fighting with your 3-year-old to take a nap and your 3-year-old who is insistent that he won’t sleep.

It is your 1-year-old throwing her bananas off of her high chair tray because she wants more string cheese. Later, she starts throwing her string cheese off of the tray because she wants more bananas.

It is your 3-year-old, convinced that there are ghosts outside during a thunderstorm.

It is arguing with your 3-year-old pretty much at any point during the day.

It is trying to make dinner (or lunch or breakfast) while your one year old is practically nipping at your ankles, ready to be picked up.

It is your 3-year-old (and now your old year old) who just won’t stop talking, making noise or be quiet in any form or fashion.

It is children who cry in unison, and you aren’t sure which one started crying or why but you’re sure one of them is only crying because the other one is crying.

It is trying to get your 3-year-old to walk at a reasonable pace while you’re hurrying them into the Y (or anywhere else) and carrying your 1-year-old, a diaper bag and your what remains of your sanity.


The Flip Side:

It is making it to the hospital for only 45 minutes, but long enough to cheer up your dad (who comes home today! yay!!) who gets to enjoy laughing because your son went into the bathroom and pulled the “Help” line for the nurse. She didn’t think it was funny…

It is listening to your 3-year-old entertain himself while laying in bed after being told not to move under penalty of time out.

It is your 1-year-old who is getting better and better about being able to feed herself, and the free hands that allows you to have to eat YOUR food.

It is snuggling with your 3-year-old during said thunderstorm and laughing while watching a cartoon.

It is being able to hold simple conversations with your 3-year-old, that are getting better and better each time you talk.

It is being adored by your 1-year-old, being their favorite person in the whole wide world. No one else can get those smiles that she gives you.

It is your 3-year-old who smiles and says ‘hi’ to pretty much anyone that he meets. It is your 1-year-old who gives warm smiles to everyone.

It is children who are beginning to talk and play with one another. Children who are learning to laugh at and smile one another. Children who kiss and hug each other.

It is scoring 40 minutes on the elliptical to yourself,  while your children can play safely and happily in Child Watch upstairs at the Y. Yay for pagers and a 2 hour time limit.



It is all about being joyful and thankful for the two wonderful kiddos that you have. Just a reminder to myself and perhaps to you of why we’re all in this, doing what we do, voluntarily getting smushed bananas in our hair or never getting a moment of peace and quiet.

Hope that you all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend.


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