So Yea, Philadelphia…

Rob and I were fortunate to get away last weekend. His (amazing, awesome, stupendous) sister, Jessica, came down and stayed with the kiddos (with a bit of help from Uncle Jason, too!!!) all weekend long. This is a good thing. A very, very good thing. She did a fabulous job and while I’m pretty sure that my kiddos wore her out, she was still smiling when we got through the door on Monday. This would qualify as a win for us, but mostly for her. You did great, Jess!! Jerry misses you already!! You too, Uncle Jason!!

Before you go, “wait…why Philly?” I’ll explain. Rob and I are kind of nerdy about American history. Him way more than I, but all the same, we like checking out historical landmarks. Two years ago for our 5th wedding anniversary we even visited Mount Vernon. While I enjoyed our visit it was mostly Rob who insisted all over every inch of that place. He was very eager to learn, read, hear and see as much about his hero as possible, good ole George Washington. I’ll admit it, the man is officially way cooler than I ever thought he was in high school while taking American history. The man turned down the chance to be the king of America AND president for life? Seems he possessed two things that 99% of the pool of our modern day politicians didn’t possess: a truly selfless agenda and humility. I digress, I’m getting off topic here.

So yea, Philly. We picked Philadelphia because we wanted to check out the historic district, sites including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Franklin’s gravesite and so on. Plus we figured there would be a ton of amenities and things to get into, even on on a whim. I knew I’d be drug all over our Lord’s creation looking at every plaque the museum walls if left up to Rob, but that was OK with me. He had a great time checking out every landmark he could. And I’ll go ahead and admit, though I’m not quite as into it all as he is, I also enjoyed checking out as much as I could.

We arrived on Saturday to our hotel. And while we were super excited to have picked a hotel that was literally a block away from all of the stuff we hoped to check out we were instantly snapped back to reality by the cost of living in and visiting a city. To park in the hotel’s parking lot, I repeat THE HOTEL’S parking lot, was an extra $50.00. Now this may not shock some of you who live in the city or seem like that big of a deal, but to us $50.00 cuts into quite a bit of things that we had hoped to do in the city. The desk clerk reassured us that there wasn’t free parking in the city, so that this was a good deal and a safer idea then trying to find street parking. She could tell that this left more than just a bad taste in our mouth, so she tried to reassure us that our room would be awesome -because it had a microwave AND a mini fridge. Bless her heart she tried but I still had to curtail my idea to ask her if we could sell the fridge and microwave on the street to recoup the $50.00 spent for parking and tried to get over it. It didn’t matter.

We had arrived!

We then made it to our room to find another surprise. Two double beds. Two bouncy and relatively uncomfortable double beds. I’m told that I snore *cough* and Rob likes to shimmy and shake in his sleep. A bouncy double bed does not a happy couple in the morning make. Remember my post talking about the seasoned love that Rob and I have? Well we have reached that point in our seasoned love where we can high five, smile at one another and gracefully just pick a bed. Something along the lines of, “I love you, hun, but I’ll sleep over there.” And NO the magic isn’t gone. But we like sleep way to much to be attempting to pretend to even remotely want to try to cuddle with one another in a bed that is way to small. We were here to kick back some and we didn’t want to kick each other when we did our kicking back.

I took right, he took left and we never looked back…only across the room at one another as we said our “I love you’s” and “goodnight.”

That night we ate the most expensive cheesesteak subs in the world (which were good, but would have been bangin’ if they were $10 cheaper) and walked 53 forever’s (about a mile and a half) to find a hole in the wall movie theater playing “The Dark Knight Rises.” Two things: one is “The Dark Knight Rises” was phenomenal and I may get around to doing a write up about it in the near future -not that any of you care. The other thing is that I have found something else I’m better at my husband at (the other is movie knowledge and trivia) as it seems that I have a much better sense of direction. Not to make him look bad because….the man is cute….but it takes him a bit to get “readjusted.” Whatever.

So yes, awesome movie followed by a cab ride back to the hotel. At the room Rob discovered that a coil in his seat at the movie theater poked through and ripped the back of his shorts. We then also discovered that neither of our cell phones would charge on the charger we packed. My phone was dead, Rob’s was on the way out. This mainly mattered to us because we had the babies at home and liked being reachable, just in case. I then capped off the evening realizing that I had forgotten the memory card for my camera. And it was little irritating things like this, literally all weekend. If it wasn’t a room with two double beds, a lost husband or expensive cheesesteaks it was a ripped pair of pants and cell phones that had dead batteries. It’s OK, though. At one point, Rob and I crawled into one of our way to small beds to pray together. We snuggled and prayed that despite a few less than ideal circumstances or unplanned expenses, that God would just give us joyful and grateful spirits that were able to enjoy the rest of our time.

God is good.

The next morning, I put my sense of direction to the test and walked down a few blocks to grab coffee and subs (we skipped breakfast upon learning that the breakfast we thought was included for free in the bill was NOT in fact included) for brunch. I will say that even though I was extremely paranoid walking in the city on my own, Rob was still asleep in the room, I didn’t do half bad. And the donut and coffee I scored was my reward. Good times. We finally peeled ourselves out of the bed(s) and put our books down at some point that afternoon and actually made it outdoors. We scored a memory card that we feared for the first 5 minutes wouldn’t work. About the point I gave up, figuring I was fighting the inevitable horde of little crappy things that would effect this trip, Rob got it to work. And here our journey begins.

First picture!!!

It may seem like a weird choice as the first picture to put up but this was one of the first ones that we took with my camera after buying a new memory card, and the first one that the new card saved. So yay!!! Candy bars and Rite Aid floors! We did it! We made it to Independence Hall about an hour before it closed for the day. We breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was a free tour. High fives!

There she be…

Let us in!!!

We didn’t have to melt wait to long in the heat before we were let in. Rob was stoked.

Ecstatic, can’t you tell??


Keeping myself busy while we wait to get in.

Once we were inside, I was shocked at how simple everything was. I know that this may seem like a weird statement, but it was like they attempted to literally preserve everything in the original style from back in the 1700’s. There weren’t really any paintings on the wall, nothing added to make this site seem like a museum. It simply looked like it may have looked in 1776. Which was kind of neat.

Heading in.

The first room, the Supreme Court.

The assembly room. George was president of the constitutional convention, so he sat in the main chair up front. Pretty neat stuff.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,

that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

The chair George Washington, president of the Continental Congress, sat in while presiding over the Constitutional Convention. AKA the chair that Rob considered hopping over the banister to go and sit in. I asked him not to, he agreed.

It was over in an instant, but Rob’s face was beaming so I knew that it was worth it. The place truly had a sense about it, an air if you will. It sometimes boggles my mind that we as a society care more about who Kim Kardashian is dating rather than our heritage. I wonder if people would have known who presided over the Continental Congress at the time of our declaration’s signing before taking the tour? I truly feel like we are upside down as a society with what we prioritize as being relevant, important or worthy of our glorification. This event was important, folks. These men, they were important. They were not entitled, wealthy, old white men. They put their lives on the line. They put their personal wealth on the line, some of them dying in poverty or in debt to finance our war for independence. That is honor. That is bravery. That is part of what makes us great.

These men were brave. These men were intelligent. These men were God fearing. These men were innovative.

They were our forefathers. And they were pretty gosh darn awesome.

“…And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence,

we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

I’ll get off of my soap box now.

We jetted over to see the Liberty Bell in all of it’s…belled glory. Really, though. It was awesome.


Holler, ladies!

All it’s goodness.

We later caught a fantastic dinner at a restaurant called Banana Leaf. We then capped off our evening with Dairy Queen, a walk through the historic park behind Independence Hall and watching the olympics back in our room. Thankfully, once we got home and with the help of some spray air and a toothbrush, we were able to save our phones. And once we arrived back home, our babies were happy. Aunt Jessi was happy. We were happy. All of us were very tired, but very happy. Jerry had painted me a picture, made Rob a card and found some giant eggs in a rain puddle during a walk. Yes. Giant eggs. He is hoping they hatch – mommy is NOT hoping that they hatch.

A lot of things went awry this weekend. I was really worried that with all of these little things going south that it would hinder our time to have fun and just enjoy one another. I’m so thankful that it didn’t. I have said this before when it comes to parenting, but it truly can be applied to just about anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t get caught up in the details. So many things will rob us of our joy if we let them. A torn pair of pants, a broken cell phone charger. When in actuality there is a spare pair of pants in the suitcase and who needs to be connected to Facebook all weekend, right?


God is good. Good to allow us to get away together. Good to allow us to still have a great time in spite of some things going haywire. I say all of this because I am the queen of letting the little things get to me. I love to let small inconveniences become much bigger than they are. I like to listen to myself instead of talking to myself. I like to let it get to me. Something I’m learning a lot more about lately.

I hope and pray that you all had a great weekend. I’m hoping to be around a lot more this week.

Until then…here ya go…

Never a bad thing. This was no exception. YUM!!!!!

Downtown, city hall.

I’m pretty sure Batman was up there, somewhere.



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