Alright, Philadelphia

My husband and I are some lucky stinkers.

Rob’s sister offered/agreed to watch our kiddos for not one, but count em, two nights this weekend. We were hemming and hawing about where to go and how to stay in budget (oy vey) and all the “fun” parts of planning a vacation. We finally settled on Philadelphia. It has plenty of the historical aspects the nerds in us love, while it has plenty of fun stuff to do. It was all relatively last minute, but it worked out ok.

So here I am, sitting in bed, trying to avoid watching I Am Legend (because, you know, the dog….yea) and still stewing somewhat over the fact that the hotel charges us $25.00 a night just to park. It’s silly to stew over that when we are a lucky as we are to get away for one night – let alone two.

This weekend will hopefully be a great recharge for us. Rob and I have been burning the midnight oil a lot lately. Between the kiddos and their needs (and mood swings) and Rob taking on extra responsibility at work (this is a good thing) and other outside engagements we’ve just been needing extra time to recuperate and relax with each other. Time to turn off everything, time to ignore everything that we can get away with and just be.

I vow to do all some of the following things:

-Not be stuck on Instagram, Facebook or any other form of social media all weekend.

-To not be caught up taking to many or just “the right” pictures.

-To not give two craps about calories or the numbers on the scale and enjoy a big fat Philly Cheese Steak.

-To sleep in. This bed won’t know what hit it when I get done napping in it.

-To read several chapters (at least) in my book.

-To simply enjoy and appreciate my husband and enjoy him while we are both free from most of our distractions. He is kind of cute I guess….

I will be back and writing more, hopefully very soon. For now, I bid you all a fond and warm adieu. I’ll be enjoying my “Friends” reruns for the next hour and trying to avoid thinking about having to unpack on Monday. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy it. Enjoy those you love.


Treat the weekend like a weekend, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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