Oh, Right…It’s Monday…

I keep writing and telling you that I have a whole mess of things that I want to write about. In due time, I really will.

But for now..

I know the weekend is over when….

I wonder what that awkward thing in my pocket is only to discover it was the toy that my daughter insisted on trying to put in her mouth over and over again. “Yay”, choking hazards.

Dishes. Laundry. Dried Play dough. My”weekend goggles” were on yesterday and I didn’t really notice these things. Today, I can’t help but think about them, stare at them…step on them…

Oh right, a schedule. I tried to get us back on our normal schedule today. It sort of failed. But it’s OK. Yes, really, it’s ok that I didn’t get to the gym because my 13 month old decided to sleep in until ten this morning. It doesn’t bode well for my muffin tops, unfortunately. And it is the “price” that I have to pay because she was up at midnight….and 3:30 a.m. But I’ll have to take that up with her gums and the teeth trying to cut through. For now, I’ll just settle for being glad that I only had one child to wrangle while I waited for my coffee to kick in. Thank you, Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut blend. A lot.

I realize that I really do need to try to get back to the gym – that birthday cake I had this weekend is going to make me feel sorry – and heavier. <sigh>

Facebook becomes my best friend again. No outside time or guests or activities to distract me. While the littles are sleeping, mommy will play…on her smart phone.

I wonder just what I’m going to do to entertain my littles all day…and all week for that matter. The heat seems to be attempting a comeback, which will mean less time outside. Hopefully, this means that I will find a million more things for us to do inside that will keep my little guy just as occupied. On somewhat of a side note – is anyone else aching for fall weather???

How do you know that it is Monday, once again? Comment and let me know. And drink your coffee.


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