Every Mom Says This…

As a mom, sometimes I’m hard on myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get it all done. To make the littles happy and hold it all together. It’s absurd. No mother, or anyone for that matter, is meant to or will get it all right.

We’re meant to do our best. To do what is best to raise healthy, happy kiddos. It’s more about creating a harmonious, loving home base then keeping caught up on the laundry 24/7. Look back and ponder all of the things that your mom did that stick out in your memory the most. Are the most dear memories of your mother loving on, caring for and laughing with you or are they of your mom keeping things around the house 100% neat at all times? Which ones mean the most?

Nothing is wrong with mom’s who are able to juggle both while keeping an orderly home – in fact give me a phone number for any mom that CAN do this so that I can give her a call. Clearly she figured something out that I haven’t and I want to know just what it is.

How often to we forget that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously? How often are we caught up in…well, everything, moms?

To often

Maybe this will put you at ease. To know you’re not alone. All of us moms are right there in the trenches with you. Sit back, read and savor, relax and laugh.

Here are things every mom says, thinks or does

Thinks: Is it nap time/bedtime yet??? – even if the kids have just woken for the day (open mouth, insert coffee.)

Says: “I don’t care, honey, if you….”(have cereal for dinner, want to take your pants off…)

Does: Watches her child lick the hand railing at the YMCA or do something else disgusting before she can stop them.

Thinks: Why??? (Why?? Why me? Why did they have to…?!) Why did your child color the bathroom door?! Why did your child take their diaper off and pee in the bed?!! Why did….well, with kids, this list could go on and on.

Says: “If you do that ONE more time…” – this is self explanatory.

Does: Let’s their child parade around the house…or yard naked. Because sometimes….why fight with them to keep their clothes on when you can just sit back in your lawn chair and relax. They aren’t hurting anyone. Let them play.

Thinks: Am I good enough? Yes, mom. You are good enough. Look around. Are your babies healthy and happy? Case closed.

Says: “Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will….” fill in the blank. Fill in the blank with whatever random thing, activity or errand you just can’t bring yourself to today. Then stay in your pj’s and enjoy the day. And your coffee.

Does: On that note – stays in her pjs until past lunch time. Or later. I’m guilty of this. Everyone else will be dressed (most of the time) and I’m still in my pajamas. Oh yea, maybe I should get dressed now…and brush my teeth

Thinks: Is this normal? Am I the only mom to…have a personal meltdown? Have their child have a meltdown and throw a jar of salsa in the grocery store? Have their child throw tantrum at Chick Fil A??! Yes, it’s normal and no, you aren’t the only mom it’s happened to.

Says: “I need a break.” Hopefully you have a fabulous husband, significant other or family member that can help you out with this. It’s ok to say you need a break – and even more ok to take one. Even if that break is eating a double cheeseburger in the McD’s parking lot in silence because you don’t want to talk. Or hear noise. Or look at people.

Does: Watches their kid hurt themselves, while being unable to prevent it from happening. Have you ever watched your baby bump their head on the coffee table right in front of you? Or seen your toddler trip and fall when you’re standing right there? As disheartening as that as, remember that you’re not the only mom that has happened too. As much as it stinks, pick your little one up, brush them off and comfort them – and don’t beat yourself up.

Thinks/Says:“Get me out of here!!!” self explanatory. But then when they get time away or time to themselves, after so long they say or think: “I miss my kiddos.” Its the catch-22. You sometimes desire to have time away…and when you get it…you miss them terribly. Yes, I’m aware that this isn’t fair. Carry on.

Does: Lets the cartoons or movie do most of the talking somedays. Sometimes I feel pretty bad about this. But then I think about how often I watched my VHS copies of “Sleeping Beauty,” or “The Little Mermaid” and realize that I turned out ok…mostly. So yep, somedays, turn on the Pixar and snuggle with your littles.

Does:Makes an idiot out of themselves to make their children smile. Thinking dancing in your living room, goofy faces or fittingcrawling through the tunnels at Chick Fil A to produce giggles. Yep.

Thinks: I hope they’re happy. I hope that they’re good kiddos. I hope that they turn out ok – this is all also self explanatory. Our greatest fear will be that we will “mess up our kids” or worse. There is where you give them over to God. They are His anyway. He knows them best and loves them best. I have prayed on multiple occasions that God would shield my children from myself. The days I’m less patient, more anxious or have a poor attitude.

Take heart, moms. Don’t sweat this part. Don’t give into the anxiety and miss those precious moments by being caught up in worry. Some days you will have to be an intentional parent to them. You’ll have days where you feel like you’re empty, with nothing to give. Don’t be discouraged. I’ve been there too. Those are the days I pray the hardest and try to thank God the loudest.

Says: “I’m sorry.” Yes, sometimes as a parent (and sometimes frequently) you will mess up. You will make poor choices. And you will need to say you’re sorry to your littles. This is so important to know. The example this sets is immeasurable. You show how much you value them by taking to heart their feelings. You show them that you, too, are vulnerable to sin and are an imperfect being. That the right course of action is to sometimes apologize.

This shows kindness and a loving, faithful and contrite spirit. How many children today will grow up prideful and even insensitive to others feelings? Our culture undoubtedly values pride -the American spirit, anyone?? Confidence is not wrong. But a haughty spirit is a recipe for disaster. Instruct your child in grace by setting and being the example.

Does: Thanks God. When against the odds and doubts your day goes well. You reach a milestone (perhaps a birthday? Graduation?) or you and your child overcome an obstacle. When the odds weren’t in your favor. When your child makes a good choice. When your child is just plain healthy and happy.

Thank you, God.

And there is also Ben and Jerry’s. Yes, Ben and Jerry’s. And naps. Here is hoping that some of these pick you up, encourage and relieve you. And maybe make you laugh.

Feel free to comment and add your own. Speak out, moms!


5 thoughts on “Every Mom Says This…

  1. Amber says:

    Your a great mom Ash! I don’t even have children but I love reading your blogs. I think you have a lot of talent, and as a mother keep doing what your doing. You have two beautiful wonderful children that adore you!


  2. mamacain says:

    Yeah, child licks the back of a friend’s dog. Yep. Its all good. Ad some days it IS okay to cry over spilled love.

    Bc then there’s the moment you are laying in bed with you 3yr old listening to him sing worship songs along w/ the ipod.

    It’s all good.


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