Greatest Hits

Here I am, here I am!!

I’ve been off of here for quite a while. I’m not sure where the past few weeks have gone, though they’ve definitely been chalked pretty full of just about everything. Blogging hasn’t quite fit into my time schedule as of late unfortunately. More on that in another post.

Today is a very special day for me. It is my wedding anniversary and I am celebrating 7 years with my wonderful husband. I was just writing to a friend of mine this afternoon who also happened to be there for our big day 7 years ago. I was writing and telling her that while in some ways the years have flown by for me, that it has overall seemed like a breeze and a constant joy, in many ways it does feel like its been 7 year ago.

I’ll esplain.

I, like most folks I think, enjoy the feeling of newness. Ladies, do you ever miss the feelings of those first few days of falling in love? How new everything felt in those first few months or the first few years? I know that I do. Where my husband is mostly content to accept the steadiness and familiarity that comes with a seasoned romance, and it isn’t that I don’t, I think I sometimes more than him I wish I could go back and feel those feelings again. If you have ever found yourself staring at your husband going, “sooo..what are you thinking rightnow????” then you might also fit into this category. Who doesn’t sometimes reminisce about those moments? When they’re new and at their freshest and how that felt. I look back fondly on those conversations and even arguments at times when you learn something new about the person that you’re madly in love with. When you notice something for the first time. When you realize something for the first time. I love that feeling.

Then I also have to stop and consider – you can’t only recall the good and avoid the bad parts. I speak only for myself here, but man…I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in my 19-year-old shoes again. I’d sometimes like to have my 19-year-old body back for sure! But overall, I wouldn’t want to go back and be that young and precocious again. Don’t get me wrong, Rob and I were both relatively mature young adults when we tied the knot and like I said I am namely speaking on behalf of myself here. But I don’t always miss who I was. On a whole, I am the same person I have always been. And there is something to be said for being green in the ways of and unscathed from the world. But I know that I am a much better wife now. I know l that I am a much better friend to my husband.

Stop and consider that for a moment…do you feel like you’re also someone who has grown? In a good way? You understand the saying,” youth is wasted on the young,” much better now. You know that you have grown up, in some of the best possible ways?

I love Rob more now than I ever have before or thought that I could. I also appreciate him more now than I ever did when we were first together. I don’t want to speak for him, but I think that in some ways he feels the same about himself as a husband. The rush of falling in love, those first few days and weeks and months together are no doubt magical. They set the foundation that you and your loved one will grow upwards from. When you’re perhaps in the darkest hours of your relationships, you recall the warmth of those moments and remember and tell yourself, “this is the person I love. And I remember why I love them.” You perhaps even recall why it is you chose to marry them, why you chose to mark that commitment with oaths in front of God and friends. That time is undoubtedly important.

But growing in grace, maturity, understanding and love is something that also cannot be replaced or underestimated. You cannot confuse stagnation with steadiness. You will change over the years. My prayer for you is that hopefully you’re growing in grace and abounding in thanksgiving as these years pass. Thanksgiving for your partner. Thanksgiving for all that you have. And I pray for grace in your own life as well as what you show to others. I pray that you are learning. I pray that you’re tinkering with yourself in the best possible ways. Growth is sometimes painful, but it is necessary. I pray that you can look back and see the work that God has done in your life to compel you to be a better person. I know 7 years isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, but if this is only the first 7 years, I can only hope to celebrate many more years with one another as time goes by.

Thankfully, I have found a partner that has grown with me. That I can embark on this journey with. Who loves me even though I drink straight out of the carton and frequently burp. Who loves me despite the fact that I am forgetful. Someone who understands my sense of humor. Someone that accepts the challenge and loves me despite the flaws. Someone who encourages me. Someone who is an amazing father to my children. You don’t get those things without a seasoned love. Or without someone who gives you a chance in the beginning. Who choses to chat you up and fall in love with you.

So for you, I give you some of our “greatest hits” over the years. They may not seem like much but they are our’s. These are some of my favorite moments. Some from the beginning, some most recently.

Ugh, that uncomfortable futon. šŸ™‚



Dear Rob,

Thank you. Just, thank you.

You are amazing and I can’t believe that you’re mine.

Thank for you for our “greatest hits” and all of the moments in between.

You are a blessing to me and our children.

I love you so much.

Looking forward to many more anniversaries on the beach,

with time spent in prayer,

time spent laughing,

and time spent gazing at our children.

For all of the things we have made

and the things we have yet to build together

I can’t wait to do it all with you.

I love you,


It’s not the love that sustains the promise, it’s the promise that sustains the love.

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