Dear “Anonymous” Blogger

I have had a lot of thoughts stirring in my head as of late. Which is unfortunate for my readers because that means that you will eventually be stuck reading them. I mean…I guess that you aren’t actually STUCK reading them since you can literally close your screen and not think another thought about me and my minuscule blog. Which, by the way, I am excited to announce that Ashley’s Devotions has now reached 30 registered readers! This is a milestone in some ways for me.

I don’t understand why, but I’m thinking this is cause for a mini celebration. Whether we are talking about 10 year wedding anniversaries or 20 year high school reunion it’s usually the even numbers that get people excited. Your 24th college reunion doesn’t have quite as nice of a ring to it as your 30th or 25th now does it? Though I guess 25 isn’t even…shut up.

Yep, 30 viewers. I’m excited and I’m sharing that with you. I’ll stop and be honest here for a moment. I know that in the grand scheme of things in the blogging universe that 30 viewers isn’t much to gawk over. Some bloggers are lucky enough to have twice as many followers as me, or even hundreds or thousands.

I just want to say that those who do read my blog are a blessing to me. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a parent, a single person, male or female, let me please say: thank you for reading. Knowing that someone is out there, wasting their time reading what I have to say about anything really is a blessing. Thank you for letting me vent to you these past months.

Some of you might be plucking away at your very own blog at your corner of the internet. To you, fellow blogger, I say kudos! Great job at doing what you’re doing. Press on and keep going. Whether you are “well-known” or not, keep writing. It matters. Maybe, though, some of you are like me and have had moments where you feel like you should give up on blogging. You’re full of doubt because you feel like no one reads what you write or because you aren’t getting the response you want from readers.

Or perhaps you’re even discouraged about what you are writing about, feeling like things just aren’t taking on the direction you had hoped for. Take heart and don’t be discouraged, I have been there.

There have been times that I felt like this ‘blog thing’ wasn’t clicking (no pun intended!!) for me anymore and that perhaps I should give up. This isn’t to say that I have since arrived, by no means have I – the Lord decides for how long and for how many viewers I will be writing for. But there were times when I thought I should give up because I was plagued with thoughts of “who is reading this thing anyway?” and “if I don’t have a ton of readers, then what is the point?”

Through encouragement from others and an inkling in my faith I felt the need to keep going. And I learned over time that the number of readers isn’t the point of why I write, anyway. In my case, I want to honor God by writing what I feel like is honest, relevant, thoughtful and joyful expression about what is going on in my life and the lives of those around me. I write for myself.

Consider for one moment: why, “anonymous” blogger, do you want to write?

Do you want to write for others? For yourself? For a higher purpose? If you’re contemplating giving up instead try starting over. Why are you writing and who are you writing for?

Personally, I have felt led to commit my writing to God (not that He necessarily thinks you need to hear in detail about how my children color on the bathroom door with markers) and let Him do the leading with a lot of what I share. Quite a bit of the things I write about are thoughts or ideas that I feel like He has placed on my heart to share. Or they are what I am currently walking through in my own life. They’re born from a moment, even, when the spark of creativity hits me. I can’t give myself the credit most of the time.

These thoughts or subjects are genuine and they are relevant to me the moment. And hopefully at some point they are pertinent to you, as well. And thankfully, some of those posts that I felt especially led to write are the ones that I have gotten my largest responses from. When you’re feeling discouraged, my dear “anonymous” blogger, don’t give up. Keep writing.

It isn’t about page views, it is about being honest. It isn’t about registered readers or the numbers on google friend connect – it is about crafting something that you feel is genuine and relatable. Those 10 or 30 or 43 readers aren’t “nobody’s,” they are each someone who is there because they want to be reading for whatever reason. You have a niche. Keep with it!

And, to some my readers, even though you may not always comment, anonymous or registered reader, I know that there has to be someone out there who is being blessed by the words God has given me. Whether you’re looking for someone to identify with, encourage others or to be encouraged by others I’m glad you’re here. And I truly hope that there is a message in all of this for you. And if you happen to be looking for someone to laugh at while they’re trying not to lose their mind amongst a messy house and crazy children, you have found someone. I hope you’ll stick around.

Happy Thursday, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Dear “Anonymous” Blogger

  1. Tricia The Good Mama says:

    Congratulations on your milestone! It can be easy to get caught up in gaining more followers and more page views, but I think it’s important to never forget why you choose to blog in the first place. You have a great reason!


  2. threeboysandamom says:

    I am,so glad I found you. I think you’re a beautiful writer with an inspirational message. I operate very similarly to you with writing…the how’s and why’s. I agree that each follow is a blessing and one more person you can hopefully reach and inspire. Its not about quality, it’s quantity…you’re doing great! I have a very small community of followers and have often thought, “who really cares!?” but like you said, I write mostly for myself and what I feel God lays on my heart. Hopefully the eyes that need to see it, find it. ☺ keep writing mama, you’re beautiful!


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