Dear Monday…and everything else

It was a long Friday, last week. And in some degree a long weekend. I was discouraged, putting it mildly, by Friday evening and then even more so by last night.

Today was better. And I am so grateful.

I was kind of wrong. I said moms never get the day off. I was mistaken. Yes, I had my kiddies today. But for some reason, today breezed by. I’m thinking sure it was a God thing.

I woke up and laid in bed before retrieving my already awake children. I prayed. Just prayed. For a good day. To be a loving, patient mother to them. For a fruitful day together. I was trying to align myself with a healthy and productive way of thinking. This was a Monday after all. Monday’s always a considerable potential to be somewhat painful.

Here are my thoughts from the day.

Dear God,

Please help me be a good mother. Help me to love my children. To be patient with my children. For this to be fruitful and fun time together.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you so much for the random kisses you gave me throughout the day. For being (mostly) obedient. And for being sweet to your sister. Thank you for taking a huge nap and for being so much fun to be around today.

Dear Clara,
Thank you for being cute. You’re always cute, yes. But thank you. You’re a doll. Thank you for also being mostly obedient. Or at least, relatively easy to handle. Thank you for slowly learning how to hold your bottle yourself. That’s always a plus.

Dear Ashley,

When your son runs up to you, eagerly begging you to wipe off his hands, do something for me: STOP what you’re doing and actually LOOK at what is on his hands. It’s very telling.

Dear Recently Re-discovered Eye Makeup,

I hardly knew ye (again.) Sorry!

Dear Elderly Lady at the Y,
Sorry my son tried to make off with your walker…but thanks for being sweet and taking it in stride.



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