You Know You’re…When

You know you’re a parent when your children’s bath towels start making the rounds and being used by you and your husband regularly. Seriously, you may catch Rob or myself walking around after a shower with a towel that has a hood shaped in the form of a baby chick on our head. Sometimes, between laundry loads things get that desperate and I for one am not ashamed to admit it.

You know you’re over it after both of your children refuse to nap. I had a beast of an 11 month old because she decided not to nap this afternoon. Definitely don’t want one of those again, EVER.

You know you may be just a touch to self conscious (or paranoid) because you’re convinced people are staring at you at the gym. Seriously, I feel like someone is always looking at me or leering at me from behind some big machine. Sometimes, I feel like a baby freaking deer in a meadow.

“Nobody move to quick, you’ll scare her off before she is finished with those free weights!!”

I can’t handle it. Listen, I know I look stupid and make dumb faces while in the throws of my last five minutes on the elliptical while wishing for a bacon cheeseburger or when I’m doing bicep curls, wondering since when these 10 pound (ok…7 pounds) weights got so stinking heavy. I. Get. It. Please, don’t stare at me to make things worse. If any of you even are…

Happy Monday.


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