Weekly Wrap Up 6/2/2012

Hi there.

It’s been a while. And let me just say: we made it. We made it through another week. High five!

Things around here were a bit hairy this week. Extenuating family issues plus a nasty cold and somewhat cantankerous children, who have apparently decided (without consulting myself or Rob) that they don’t need sleep anymore have made it far from the best week I have ever had. But it was none the less a week. And we get to start all over again today or tomorrow… or whatever. While this week has been hectic, I do feel like it was a good one. I was able to catch up with a handful of friends that I haven’t gotten very much time to sit and visit with in what seems like forever. I was especially glad to be able to catch up with my bestie from high school, Georgia, who is affectionately referred to as “Gigi” in these here parts. Slip on over to her wonderful blog, The Comfort of Cooking, and allow your mouth to water as you click through pages upon pages of amazing recipes. Gigi and I haven’t seen each other for quite a while but it is certainly nice to know what we can still pick up the phone and have a great, heartfelt conversation after knowing one another for (brace yourself) nearly 15 years. I heart you, my Piece!

Yes, I know. We look good!


Clara has had a great week! It is finally starting to sink in that she is going to be turning one in just a few short weeks. She has really picked up on feeding herself simple things like Puffs. And she has also really started moving. While she isn’t full-on crawling yet she is becoming very proficient at scooting across the floor on her bottom to get where she wants to go. While for the past few months she has been working on circumventing crawling and trying to stand or pull herself up we may finally be at a turning point where she actually gives in and attempts to crawl. One thing that she has never had a problem at is being cute. Or being loud – especially during church.

Yep. Adorable.

Last night was a big night for Jerry. We lit a fire in the backyard and made s’mores with him for the first time ever! He ate one s’more but gave up on the second one. He doesn’t like to have messy hands or be sticky (this is genetic, as neither do his mommy or daddy) so he found it to difficult to enjoy his second treat. When he balked at eating the first one, because it was different, I may have been a little bit forceful in telling him that he would, indeed, “eat this s’more!!” I ran around Target with two unhappy children on Friday to grab the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers before said two unhappy babies went into full on meltdown mode. I also didn’t think realize that when we all slipped over to Chick Fil-A to have a play date with friends that it was so hot outside that everything would melt. Everything.

So, I somehow managed to fish marshmallows out of the bag and stick them onto a stick to cook over the fire. This process consisted of me ripping off parts of what had now become ONE giant marshmallow and ramming the mushed white balls onto the stick. As I already said – I hate being sticky. So yes, Jerry did need a bit of coaxing before he gave in and decided to eat his s’more. And the coaxing was well worth the effort after seeing how happy he was with the finished product. I, on the other hand, was convinced that I would be carried off by bugs if they got a whiff of my marshmallow hands and was so glad to be able to go inside and wash up when all was said and done.

It took a few attempts, but daddy did get the fire going. Our hero!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a lot of ideas. That is, when my brain actually functions properly. This is usually done with the aid of caffeine and chocolate. I like to think up dozens of special things that I’m eager to do with my children. Things that I either recall doing when I was a child or from being inspired by other moms or folks around me. I get the notion in my head that my children and I are going to try something special together and it is going to go swimmingly. But then I’m snapped back to reality when things don’t go quite the way that I intended them to. The s’mores for instance. I had visions of us looking like a picture perfect family with perfectly behaved children (who don’t almost poke their mother or little sister in the eye with a stick), a fire that lights right away and with perfectly formed un-melted marshmallows. What gives?

One of my favorite books to read with Jerry is one from the Little Critter’s series titled “Just Me and My Mom.” The mommy critter takes her little critter on a trip to the city for the first time. Together they visit a museum, an art gallery, an aquarium and then have lunch at a fancy restaurant and it all goes…badly. The little critter gets them both kicked out of the museum and art gallery, respectively, for touching (trying on, knocking over…) things that he shouldn’t be. He interrupts a seal show while at the aquarium. And lastly, the little critter bringing a frog into a fancy restaurant doesn’t exactly go over well with management and they are told to leave. Eventually, they enjoy lunch from a hot dog stand on the sidewalk and a visit to the toy store, which was much more up the little critter’s alley. And in the end they make it back home, safe and sound. While it might not have been the ideal day the mommy critter had planned, the little critter ends up falling asleep on the train home, completely content and happy with the way that the day went.

Adorable! And covered in chocolate!

Making memories is more important to me now than it ever has been. I want pictures, I want dates and I want to remember everything from the big milestones to the little, “insignificant” things and everything in between. Just the way that I remember things from growing up. But when I become so caught up in things not going “just so” and get frustrated I recall my own memories. How I was supposed to be a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding and wear a beautiful dress for the occasion…but was so mad that I had to get a perm for the big day…that I cut off all of my bangs. How my mother would always manage to get us packed up for the night and then down to her parent’s beach house in Ocean Pines. And how on one occasion when we were there and getting ready to have a day at the beach I locked us all out of the ONE bedroom where all of our things were…bathing suits, towels…and the family dog. I don’t remember how that one went, actually. I’m not sure who finagled themselves through the window to unlock the room.

The point is this. Remember on a practical level that your children are children. Especially now that summer is coming and you may be wanting to do so many different things with them. They don’t perform on command and they don’t always act accordingly. Don’t break your neck aiming to plan that oh-so-perfect day. You will drive yourself crazy and your kids will end up wondering just what it is that you’re doing, anyway. And I can guarantee that some of the details that you would find yourself fretting over would make no difference to them, what so ever. To them, whether the marshmallows are all melted together or not is irrelevant. They find joy in spending time with you. And regardless of a day that goes accordingly or not your kids will remember and will appreciate (one day) all that you have done for them.

And if all else fails and they do cut their bangs off or cover themselves in chocolate or marker…save a picture of it for their future spouse to enjoy.


Yep, save it for their spouses! Have a great week, everyone!! Make great memories!!


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