Gym Chronicles: Brought To You In Part By Interval Cardio Workouts and Viewers Like You

I’ve been hitting the gym lately. Thankfully, it’s been an uphill trend. My workouts have gotten better with each passing week. I’ve noticed a few inches missing from my frame but overall not a drastic change. Not yet, anyway.

I aim to be here at least 3 days a week and to get in roughly 45 minutes or more of cardio. I’ve done some mild free weight training for my arms, which tend to tone up the quickest.

Why am I boring you with this???

I’m hoping to encourage you.

I’m writing this in the bathroom at the Y. My daughter decided to soil herself while upstairs in the child watch. So 15 minutes, 1 mile and 120 calories burned into my workout I got paged upstairs. I realize during that time that I forgot to put on deodorant (being honest, folks) Only to come back downstairs and see that my machine has been taken.

I then decided with my meager 20 minutes left on my child watch allotment to do free weights. Only to instantly pull a muscle the second I tried a workout for my triceps. Then after pulling my muscle I see the (old) lady next to me rocking it out with HER triceps workout. With weights one size up from mine.

I have retreated to the bathroom. Bummed but not defeated. I want “myself”back. I want to fit again. Ti look like the woman I know is under a body that has born two children. I don’t want to erase any and all sign of that but I’d like to be able to keep up with my littles. To be able to chase them AND live long enough to see them grow.

Life isn’t about how you look. My husbands love and affection isn’t contingent on my pants size (thankfully.) And I’m beautiful in Gods sight. Which is what should matter most. The people that matter most think I’m pretty great.

But I want more. I’m only hard on myself right now because I CAN do better. I’m not talking about a preoccupation with size. I’m talking about a call to live a healthy lifestyle. No matter our size, be it naturally small or curvy, for any gender or age, we owe it to ourselves to be healthy. To strain go be drastically thin is as wrong a to live without care for how how treat yourself. Both extremes are off the mark. We need to be healthy so that those who love us most can have us for as long as possible. So that we can stick around as long as possible. And hopefully be happy.

We should be good stewards of what we have. I have my health. I can walk. I can run. The is more than lots of folks. We should all be aware. I know that being loved isn’t contingent on size. Nor should it be.

I also know its good to eat a cheeseburger. And to rock how you look. Confidence is the best accessory.

But I digress. If you’re hemming and hawing over how you look remember-it is up to you. It is all at your fingertips. You’ll have crappy days. But remember that if you hover in the bathroom at the Y for to long to avoid working out…your leg is gonna fall asleep. Like mine.

I’ll go collect my littles now. And as for YOU, GYM (eye-balls the fitness room) I’ll see YOU tomorrow.


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