Weekly Wrap-Up

This was a rather hectic, borderline semi-crappy week, if I am to be honest.

All that I can think about heading into this weekend is the following:

-I really hope to catch up on sleep at some point

-I’m really REALY craving some sushi

-I’d love to veg-out with Rasinettes, a ridiculously large soda and watch “The Avengers”

-I really really hope to catch up on some sleep at some point

-I guess I need to try to make sense of this ridiculously disorganized house.

-…I really really REALLY hope to catch up on some sleep.

I’ll try to remember what really matters. I have two blissfully happy little ones who have had a great week. They were able to enjoy lots of time outside, time with loved ones and got to do fun things that they always enjoy everyday this week. If they are happy, that is enough to mark a week at home with my littles as a success.

If you made it through your work week and got 90% (OK, maybe 75%) of all of the work you hoped to accomplish this week finished. If you made it to work (roughly) on time every day and got out door quick enough to go back home at the day’s end. If you didn’t spill coffee on yourself, get ketchup on your tie or trip in your high heels and make an idiot of yourself, then high fives, you did it.

If you kept your child or children happy (most of the time) and smiling. If you at least got some laundry cleaned and put away and had clean dishes to eat off of (nevermind the ones in the sink) for each meal. If you kept your child from coloring on their little sibling with markers or putting any of your personal belongings in the toilet then high fives, you did it.

You made it through yet another week. Take a second, look back and try to remember the good moments in spite of the hecticness. My little guy told me “I want to play with YOU at the park, mommy!!” today for the first time, which is a big deal because normally all he wants to do is play with other kiddos and go down the slides. And my little girl made it onto her hands and knees (finally!!) in her first attempts to actually crawl. Jerry also has done really great with potty training, Clara said, “daddy” to Rob for the first time and my sister brought me some M&M’s. All of these moments were all something’s to me.

Happy girl

Silly boy.

Happy weekend, friends. Enjoy it!


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