Arguing With Myself.

I wrote about my little boy a week or so ago and his new “arguing with everything mommy utters” phase.

It is wearing on me.

Most folks that I have talked to on the subject of children and when exactly they reach their most difficult stages say that while 2 is bad, 3 is worse. Truer words have almost never been uttered by mom’s. Jerry is so much more self aware now that he is nearing 3. And he is realizing that he has opinions and can express them. The problem, much like with anything that isn’t controlled or disciplined, is that Jerry just doesn’t know when to say when.

And let me just say:


I love my sweetest guy, I do. He is the greatest. But man, oh man, if I have to repeat myself 16 more times one more time (does that make sense??) or hear him shout “NO” at me one more time…I’m gonna….

I’m gonna.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I’ll try to leave this post as at least somewhat encouraging instead of defeated (though, after I’m done writing, I’m totally going to go watch “House” and veg on my sofa with something yummy and hope that I don’t have to talk to anyone for at least an hour)

I feel like I’m getting it wrong because I’m repeating myself. Because I’m administering discipline over and over…and over and over again. Day in and day out. “Why isn’t this working?!!?”

But this just means that I’m doing it right. My eyes are open to where my little guys needs some work and things take time. I’m trying to remember this: Children, by God’s mercy, are made to withstand discipline. They crave boundaries and security. I never understood that when I was younger and heard it. All that I thought I wanted was to make my own rules. Now from my point of view if I were to look back and see the things that I did but notice that there wasn’t parents there to stop me, make my try my hardest or expect the best from me just how lost I would have been. The lessons I would NEVER have learned (unless I did it the hard way) and the instruction I would never have recieved. It is cute NOW (not really) when he tells me “no” and throws out a smirk – it won’t be when I’m getting letters home from his teachers saying that he is disobedient and disrupting class. Or worse, when he is breaking the law because he doesn’t understand the concept of “no.”

I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Yea yea, I get it. This is kind of hard. I knew that going into it. Whatever. Shut up.

But I’d rather put in the effort now and reap the benefits of what I sow down the line.

I’ll keep telling myself that…and shoveling Cookie Crisp into my mouth while I do.


2 thoughts on “Arguing With Myself.

  1. suestopford says:

    I hear you!! My daughter is now 17 (turns 18 in about 3 weeks) and I found her toddlerhood really, really hard. I am a single mum but am convinced that this is not why I found it so hard. it is just a really challenging time. I am now a preschool teacher so deal with this age group daily and it is still challenging but I work with a team of teachers so can walk away if need be.
    I felt guilty for wishing away my kid’s toddlerhood when i recently started teaching fulltime. Then i spoke to mates and other mums and teachers and we all found that period of our children’s lives horrible. Really yuck. All I can say is it will pass but try and do some reading about their development and play and things like that and it may help you. I am happy to give you some good websites and info from my training. Also, put yours in childcare for a few hours a week if you haven’t already. The extra stimulation will be good for both of you and will give you a break.


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Thank you so much for the offer. Absolutely, pass it on. And then I can also share what I find with other moms who read this as well.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. It is always a blessing to hear from moms who have been there and understand. And always good to hear that they made it through, too!!



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