I realized something several days ago.

And then I forgot that I realized it.

And then I just realized it again today…and then realized that I had realized it a few days ago, only to forget about it. Apparently for this mommy brained girl, the second time is the charm. This is actually impressive for me. I’m subpar at house keeping, closing the door to the refrigerator and remembering to get the oil changed in the car. And I’m even worse at remembering things.

By “things” I mean almost everything. But I’m happy that for today, on this beautifully blustery Tuesday that I have remembered this. On June 3rd I will mark one year of being a full time Homebuilder. How I will mark this wonderful occasion has yet to be determined. But I assure you it’s going to be great.

A year of happy children (almost, considering Clara didn’t pop out until the 22nd but she doesn’t read this thing anyway.) A year of a husband who has enjoyed a SLIGHTLY cleaner home. A year of baby food crusted onto my clothes…and my carpet. A year of Chef Boyardee lunches and trips to the park.

A whole, big year.

Now that I think of it…a year really does tend to fly by, doesn’t it? It really isn’t as great a spans of time as I thought it would feel like.

I will mark this day with something special. Or at least I’m saying that I will now. It depends on the day and what needs to be done I suppose.

Somehow, that seems much more fitting then knowing I’ll get it done. There just might be to many happenings for me to even bother with it. Or remember.

Yea, that feels about right.


Happy Tuesday!!



3 thoughts on “Uh-oh

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) says:

    wow, such inspiring and thought provoking words they are…..
    much love and happiness on your side, 🙂


  2. aefountain says:

    I suggest you spoil yourself a little bit. Not sure what that means to you, but maybe someone can take the children and allow you to sip on a chilled glass of white wine, in your garden, reading a juicy trashy romance novel. Or a manicure/pedicure at a cheap local spa. Or a reservation at your favourite restaurant with a friend or your husband. But make sure you treat yourself that day. Congratulations and happy anniversary to all of you.


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