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Let’s pretend that more than a handful of folks read this.

I’m not ignoring my blog. It’s been an insane week to say the least. I’ve tried to make the best of it while Rob has been gone. Save for a wee bit of time to myself after I actually get the children in bed each night and being able to spread out as far as the eye can see in the bed…this has pretty much been a hectic and at times nauseatingly stressful week. If I could air my grievances with my husband then I would be much more content. But since he is getting his bearded bliss on in the wilderness OF Minnesota (hopefully, not being carried off by wolves at this point) then there isn’t much to do about that.

It has been delightful having full reign of the remote when I actually have time to watch television. No one who balks at “Say Yes To The Dress!!” No one to groan when I watch my two weekly (and, if you most know, semi guilty pleasure-esque) shows with a big bowl of ice cream. I will say though, that if an empty house as bedtime, one less person who is there to enjoy my cooking (if I’m not just popping open a can of spaghettio’s) and my endless desires in icky television being fulfilled mean that I don’t have a Pookie Doo in my life, then folks that just ain’t a life worth livin’.

Because I have nothing else to write about and should literally be in bed at this point, I present to you:

Crap That Is On My Mind: (Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be dumb.)

-Why did I throw my wallet in the trash?? (yes, this happened. And YES….I did it. I threw my own wallet in the garbage.)

-Next week. Next week, I’m going to start at the gym.

-Sushi. How do I procure sushi within the next 24 hours??

-I really REALLY want this election year to be over with – and for there to be an elephant in office, again. We’ve had enough of jackass-ness to last a lifetime.

-I just lost the game (and you probably did, too!!)

-The bird, Kevin, from “Up!” had WAY more things figured out then I do.

-And finally, I wonder what Rob is up too. :(!!!!!!!!





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