I’m An Idiot…

…as if you hadn’t already figured that out.

Last night I was sleep deprived, frustrated and going out of my mind. So if my post reflected that, well I’m sorry already People have sick children everyday. Some have babies that don’t always get better. So seeing the flip side of my post this morning made me feel that much more like a dummy/whiner/nincompoop upon closer inspection in the light of day.

You may catch that from me from time to time. Not that we shouldn’t ever feel rattled when our babies are sick. But that’s especially when you should hunker down, pray and let God work and leave the rest to His power. No amount of squirming on my part can fix anything.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog post. Please pray for sweet sweet Rambo. He’s having a time right now and though he has the heart of a fighter, even they need our love and prayers. So if you get the chance to leave he, Amanda and family encouragement please do so. He really is the cutest baby in the entired world (my phone SO wants me to “correct” the word “entired,” but Emma says it’s a word and I’m going with her over my iPhone.)

That is all.


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