Cocoa Puffs and Coffee Aren’t A Food Group?

Thankfully, today started out seemingly better than yesterday. I had new eyes and a fresh perspective this morning. The mess left around the house from the weekend didn’t bother me. I knew I would get around to it at some point. And the kids and I all slept soundly last night, which means that there were no surprise “wake up calls” at 3:34 AM. When it was time for “lights out” we really weren’t kidding. And the kiddo’s even slept in past 8 this morning, with Jerry getting up first. I had just made it down the stairs, changed him and started coffee when I heard Clara stirring and squealing from her room. When I went and got her out of bed, plans for a seamless day halted. My little girl had a fever.

It wasn’t high, but enough to make her feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, this was nothing that Advil, snuggles and a nap couldn’t fix. Though she still sounds congested, she seems to be doing better after a 2 1/2 hour nap. Who WOULDN’T? So the morning turned out to be one of letting the messes continue to lay where they were, keeping a two year old content in the bathtub while comforting his sister and enjoying a bowl of Cocoa Puffs for breakfast instead of the pancakes and eggs I previously decided I would make. But it’s alright. Jerry still has seemed to have a good day, and somehow I have managed to get the house way cleaner than it was 24 hours ago.

It’s funny how that happens – some days you can’t seem to catch a break or a moment’s peace to even do dishes. Then on the days that you would think everything could go to heck in an instant, it almost seems like dishes clean themselves, laundry folds itself and dust bunnies disappear. Thank goodness it isn’t up to me how I think each day should go. At the drop of a hat or a bad sign, I would totally write off the potential of a day and give up. God had other plans today and somehow managed to bless my hands to be able to get everything done that needed to be done.

But if you’re reading this and finding that you’re ready to pull your hair out because you didn’t get the chance to get everything done today that you wanted to, try to cut yourself some slack. You’re a Mom. We may joke about having super human capabilities (and sometimes, we really do) but in actuality, we’re human. We can’t do it all. And the kiddos come first. So if your kids are happy, whether or not they even have pants on or brushed hair is irrelevant, then pat yourself on the back and say, “well done.” You made it through another Monday.



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