I Remember

Two children. Two children, who won’t nap. It’s awful. They’re tag-teaming mommy and daddy today. It was up and down at church with Clara who wanted to sing while our pastor gave his message. Then up and down the stairs comforting and laying the kids back down in their beds, hoping that this would be the last trip. Now, it’s going to be hurrying up to get a snack for one while simultaneously keep the other one occupied. Potentially, a lot of busyness and hustle, bustle and frustration.I don’t want this to be how my week begins. By surveying my messy house, wishing I had the foresight to get it all cleaned up yesterday so that it would be one less thing to do and one more reason to enjoy our sabbath. By kicking the stinking dishwasher that won’t drain and has now taken up TWO afternoons of maintenance from Rob and I. Well, mostly Rob. Or by trying to make grumpy children happy, wishing that they had slept so that I, too, could have gotten a Sunday nap and enjoyed my book.

I’m going to use what will probably be the next five minutes, if I’m lucky, to stop and breathe. And remember. The day is mild and sunny. Not as mild as we have seen this winter, but normally the words “mild” and “winter” aren’t used in conjunction with each other while describing our Maryland winters. We don’t normally have tons of snow here, but we certainly have our fair share of cold, wet and gloomy days. But I see the weather today, how it has turned. The daffodils popping up from the ground. The mildness in the air and the breeze. The beginning of spring is here, folks. And it’s beautiful.

But it all takes me back, to three years ago and one year ago, respectively. Both of my children have June birthdays and are in fact merely days apart. I remember being pregnant, especially for the first time with Jerry, and how the end near and it was soon time for my little ones to come. Not more did it all become apparent then when the weather turned warm again. Almost as if it was significant because with that shift in the weather, and the days and seasons changing, with it would also come a child. I’m not sure why I thought about it in this way. I guess it was the realization that those 9 months would in fact draw to a close and I would become a mom for the first time or again. It was boggling to me. It’s easy to survey the end when you’re in your first trimester and caught up in preparation. But it is another thing entirely to see time dwindling down and look to finishing your preparations and readying yourself for your little one.

The days grew warm, the swelling intensified and as school let out and the days grew long, my babies came. They were wiggling and pink. They were summer babies, more officially “June Bugs.” And so perfect. And now that time of year is returning again. “Their time” of year is coming around again. It’s amazing to see nearly three complete years of seasons and months and take note of how they have grown. It is beyond amazing. It’s my life.

So I’ll leave myself (can I do that?? Leave something on here for myself?) and you with those thoughts. Of returning warmth. Will the Lord bring you something new this spring? Do you see things in your own life or heart for that matter that are growing and bursting forth. New life. It is an amazing time of year. To see His creation reemerge and flourish. After the grey and the frigid, come the sunlight and color.

This is how I want me week to begin (BEGIN not END, Robert!!!)

I hope that you find yourself in good spirits this Sunday.


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