This is all about to get really ridiculous. Because I have a few things to get off of my chest. Hopefully, I’ll tie everything together, neatly, by the end of this. But for the next few minutes, standby: you’re going to hear some whining and it might not be pretty.

I am TRYING to do some redesigning on my blog, to no avail. I can’t get a header that I’m satisfied with that doesn’t look grainy. WordPress wants me to crop the heck out of the ones that I already have, so I’m working on TRYING to find one that needs minimal re-cropping once I’m done editing it to how I’d like it to look. Get it together, wordpress. You’re making blogger look all the more tempting.

Also, people, listen. I know that it’s an election year, and I know that people enjoy arguing and spouting their opinions and non sense…but honestly, if we can’t abstain from doing so, could we at least save the “let me tell you how it REALLY is,” political drivel for after 10 a.m. in the morning. Then that way, I will have had my coffee and can at least be prepared to do what I was going to already do before you stuck your non-sense on your wall for all the world to agree with and ignore you the proper way that I intend to without getting worked up. And honestly, it’s Facebook. OK, facebook? FACEBOOK. It’s for faces and booking, let’s not all get so serious all of the stinking time.

Also, could shopping carts at the stores please be made to fit both a small child AND a car seat? Ironically enough, there is one shopping hub that I have to give credit to, which is amazing because even though their carts fit my children they should they almost always have a crappy wheel so that I have to use all of my body weight just to turn the cart, and that is Wal Mart. Yes, Giant, Target and Acme take heed – you’ve been one-upped by Wal Mart. Not just in prices. It would be great to feel like I could put more than a pack of toilet paper in my cart while I have Jerry sitting in the seat and Clara riding in the actual cart. And since 9 times out of 10 it’s the mom’s doing the shopping, you’d think that if they’re also tasked with taking their children with them that you would make it at convenient as possible.

Must Pintrest be SO addicting??

And honestly, VH1…the likes of Sarah Mclachlan, Miranda Lambert and Norah Jones ranked BEHIND Katy Perry, Britney Spears and *gulp*Ke$sha for their accomplishments and contributions to music?? AND…no Bonnie Raitt?? #areyoukiddingme????

*End scene*

I’m sorry folks, I know, this is ridiculous and if I have subjected you to more than you were ready to handle. I’m sorry. -_- I am. If not here, THEN WHERE, am I to get this out???

Please comment if you feel me!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast!

I admit, this post is pretty out of hand. I know this is all minuscule in the grand scheme of things. But it’s all in good fun. For the most part. Kind of.


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