Don’t Blame Me!

I have sat down numerous times the past week and a half, trying to squeeze the most out of my time (and brainpower) to write more entries. There are a few that are currently “in production,” but for now, I’m going to stick with what I can remember to write and sum up what has been going on in my household these past two weeks.

Rob leaves in early March for a week. Yes, you read that correctly. One week. I’ll be here with the kiddos for about 8 days while daddy works out his inner man and heads to Minnesota for dog sledding, cross country skiing and bearded manliness. I really, truly am super excited for my husband. He applied for a spot on this outward bound trip about a month or so ago. The trip allows him to do all of the aforementioned things, all while supplying the supplies AND covering the cost. This was all available as a big fat thank you through an outward bound expedition company that was giving the spots away to veteran from OEF and OIF free. of. cost. What could be better?! Rob gets to do some of the wilderness expeditions that he has wanted to do for a long (long) time and it doesn’t cost us anything.

I’m nervous about having a week here by myself with two kiddies with Rob. While I will miss Rob dearly, this isn’t the longest time that we have been separated and while it is the longest time in quite a while, it is under much better circumstances. We were separated for about 8 months a few months after we were married while he was in the middle east for his second deployment while serving with the Marines. I’m thinking that I should be able to cope with his being gone for a week since it will be (mostly) entirely free of worrying. I’m definitely also thinking that since this is the first time I will be alone with my babies for a week that I’m a little anxious. I love my children and have been thinking up different activities that we can do together to savor as much of that week as possible. At least if it will be stressful at points, I can make the best of it and make it wonderful at all of the other points.

Spring is right around the corner and we got to basque in the sun shiny-goodness today at the park. I was actually able to talk Rob into coming home early to finish his school working while squeezing out a 3 hour break for us to take the kids to the park. It actually worked, folks. He’s come a long way these past few years. I love my husband’s determination and how goal oriented he is, but sometimes he can wear himself thin. He is learning to stop and smell the roses and I’m loving it. ย And come on spring, I can’t say that enough!!!

Now, that same goal oriented husband wants the computer to work on his school. So to you, I bid adieu. Until next time. Don’t worry, you’ll get hit with about 234 entries once I finish writing them.





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