You Know You’re…When

You know you’re in for it when your morning starts out with a constipated, teething baby who won’t go back to sleep.

Clara was up like normal – around 7 for her morning “snack.” This all usually ends with her drifting back off to sleep and thus, mommy enjoying another hour of bedded bliss. I guess this morning it was not meant to be.

Despite a most stealthy retrieval of Clara from her bed before she woke up her brother, my best cuddling and swaddling efforts and subsequent snuggling attempts, she let me know that this morning she was not having it.

An hour later, after listening to her screech like a raptor while playing with a “toy,” meaning my tassel from high school graduation that I found recently that was on my nightstand and in arms reach, big brother was also in bed, asking to read the Police Cloud book we borrowed from the library.

It was 8:23 and I had one question: how long until nap time. I love my babies. I love most everything about them – save for when they’re up early making demands. Sometimes I’m just not ready.

That’s when there is coffee and “Little Einsteins” to fill in the “gaps.”


One thought on “You Know You’re…When

  1. Real-Life Housewife says:

    Oh boy, Little Einsteins was my life saver this morning! Nice to know there are other mom’s that aren’t into the anti-television guilt trip. 🙂


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