Well On Our Way


The past three weeks have brought about quite a lot of change in our household. In some very good ways. Most of these changes have to do with the smallest of us, Miss Baby. The rest are relatively small. A clean, reorganized refrigerator and new colored pencils for Jerry. But believe me, though both of those things are relatively minor. they’re pretty epic. Just ask Jerry -he has been bugging us for colored pencils for a while. And the fridge, well, that has been pretty neglected for the past few months. It was in serious need of being cleaned out and scrubbed to high heck.

Clara recently began taking a bottle *thunderous applause.* I cannot express to you just how important, stupendous, terrifically amazing and pretty darn cool this is. It had been nearly 4 months since she out of the blue started refusing the bottle. Four months. Cuatro meses. 4个月内.

Four months, people. Four months of not being able to steal myself away for more than 2 1/2-3 hours. Four months of waking up every 1-3 hours for feedings. Thats four months to long for such non sense. I love my daughter and was committed to nursing her for as long as I could. But not because there wasn’t any other option. But now, we’re beyond that. My little girl took has been taking bottles and doing fantastic with her solid food this past week. But the cherry on top has been that she has been in her new room. For over a week. The first few nights were promising improvements, I was racking up 6 hours of sleep in a row, which was fabulous.

Now almost two weeks later, I am happy to report that my little girl slept nearly 12 hours last night. In a row. Doing a “happy dance” just wouldn’t be quite enough. And saying that we are thrilled would be accurate – but an overall understatement. I owe my husband a great deal for getting her room settled enough so that she could start staying in there overnight. The curtains aren’t up, so we have  blankets pinned over the windows which makes us look super tacky. There are shelves that need to be put up and her closet needs to be built. But overall, its safe and organized enough that she can be in her bed. Thats what really matters!!


Have you ever seen anything so cute???

Note the power drill in the background!


Like a bug in a rug, in her own stinking room finally.


Tell me what, if anything, is new with you all these past few weeks and if anything amazing has happened. I’d love to hear about it!



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