Please Bear With Me

Chances are, you may have noticed what’s going on around these here parts with the layout and such.

Whats going on?

….I don’t know yet. I’ve been staring at my blog page for quite some time, feeling like it needed some refreshing. SO, I have spent the better part of my Saturday afternoon redoing backgrounds, copying and pasting, adding widgets and cropping pictures. All of this goes into what will hopefully be something refreshing that still makes your blogging experiences here enjoyable. Huh-zah! I still do have more work to do, but for now, I feel almost like I’ve gotten a new haircut. And now, its time to just get home and figure out how to work with and style the darn thing. Things will pop up and  down over the next few days. Please feel free to give me your feedback.

On with the show.

I don’t recipes on here very often, well, because I don’t. I don’t laud myself as a fantastic cook or anything. And honestly, for the time being I wanted folks to see something other than mom’s trading recipes. Sure, cooking is an intricate part of what the stay at home Homebuilder and parents do. We feed others and we do it often, but it darn well isn’t the ONLY thing that we are capable of. But, none the less, our family must eat and we must cook – and sometimes, creatively.

I went 6 months without having a crock pot. Breathe with me, people. I. KNOW. It was ridiculous. BUT…this past Christmas I was a giddy little girl again when I unwrapped a brand new – and a tad bit bigger, might I add, thank you very much- crock pot from my folks. Since my sweet littlest girl has decided (until recently, might I add, read about that here) that she DIDN’T need sleep, which coincidentally meant that mommy didn’t get any sleep, my new crock pot became my VERY best friend. I’ve used that puppy, like, way A LOT these past two weeks. And the best part is moms that a.) Its cold out, so hot meals from the crock pot are comforting and tasty this time of year and b.) you can literally tackle dinner when you have time. It always ends up that as I need to start cooking dinner, babies wake up from their naps and daddy gets home all at the same time. So now, in the late morning/early afternoon, when babies are snapped into their highchairs for lunch, watching a cartoon or napping for that matter, I can get my dinner ready. BAM.

So here, for you, is a recipe I just used last night. I was looking for a new way to make chicken drumsticks, and these did not disappoint. The very best part about drumsticks? The quantity that you can get for the money make them great for “anytime” meals!!

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks In The Crock Pot:

You’ll need:

-A Case of chicken drumsticks (they usually come 8-12 in a case, I used 10 in this instance.)

-Chicken Broth or Water

-Various herbs to your tasting – I used, to taste, garlic, pepper, salt, onion powder and parsley.

-Olive Oil – Start with 3 tablespoons but you will need more

-Lemon Juice

Here goes Nothing:

Start with your 3 table spoons of Olive Oil in a small/medium sized bowl. In another small/medium sized bowl, combine your herbs together.

Dip each chicken leg into the olive oil, then rub (really rub it in good) each chicken leg into the herb mixture in the second bowl.

Then plop the legs in the bottom of the crock pot.

After all of the legs are in the crock pot, add your broth/water. I had to do a little bit more than 2/3 of a cup. I used just plain water since I didn’t have broth, but next time hope that have some to try. I made sure that there was both a decent amount of water in the bottom of the crock pot AND that each leg was coated with a touch of water.

I then squirted in lemon juice all over the legs. I like lemon so I used a decent bit. It was all to taste. You could simply squirt a tad on each leg, or you could go over the chicken a few times.

I would then about every hour and a half take a spoon and turn the legs so that they would each get some time to sit in the bottom of the pot in the water/juice.

These cooked on LOW for me in about 4-5 hours.

You’ll know that they’re done by other inserting a meat thermometer and it reading 165 degrees, or seeing that the meat is falling off of the bone and the coloring has changed.

These were perfect with stuffing and a veggie of your choice and really tasted a decent bit like fresh roasted chicken. They were great, the hubs loved them and more importantly, I LOVED them.

Not the ones I made, but just to give you a feel for what they may look like...


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