Nobody….Move…A Muscle

This just in folks. For the past 24 hours my sweet little girl has taken a bottle.


I don’t know why. If the winds changed direction to suit her. If its because George Clooney won a Golden Globe on Sunday. If it had to do with the positions of the stars. Or if the axis of the earth has finally changed just to her liking. Or if it because I just realized that I actually don’t like the Target brand of baby soap I’ve been using on the kids (seriously, though, I think it’s drying out their skin some.)

I’m not sure. What I do know is this- I have gotten sleep the past two nights. Well, the first night was because she was finally evicted moved out of our room so she could cry it out while I lay snoozing in my bed. But I do know that last night, the bottle helped. A LOT.

I, subsequently, am OVERJOYED.

So here is to…

Clara? No, not really.

The bottle!!!
Nope, not that either.

Here is to ME. Over a month without a 4 hour stretch of sleep. And over 6 months without a stretch of 8 hours. Here is to yours truly. To my nestling safe in bed, visions of Avent bottles and Enfamile dancing in my head.

Here is to Clara, whose eating habits are now just right.

To this recent victory, I say



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