And He Shall Wipe Away Every Tear…

I’m a little speechless, so this will be quick.


I stumbled across a blog tonight that has moved me to tears, and it may do the same for you. If you have a moment to read up the on the latest entry and perhaps post a message of peace I can’t tell you how much I think it would bless the author.

The next time I’m holding my little girl, sitting on the end of my bed, wishing she would just sleep, I will remember this. Remember that our lives, our moments – they aren’t a right that we ought to have afforded to us. Nothing is assumed. Nothing is owed to us.  The only promise we have is God, His son, and His faithfulness to sustain, deliver and renew us should we trust in Him. I’ve heard it said that the true test of faith isn’t when the going is smooth, its when the going is rough. And the word tells us that faith is more precious than gold. Surely, it is.

May I have this kind of faith when the days are at their darkest, not when I can sit at my keyboard, typing aimlessly at nearly midnight with my children and husband sleeping safely and soundly in the other room. May I be able to say that it is well with my soul when I have no reason to. May this inspire you the way it has inspired me.


A man who should live and die without trials would be like a setting sun without 
clouds; he would have scant opportunity for the display of those virtues with which 
the grace of God had endowed him.

-Charles Spurgeon


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