Rotten Mom

I’m a rotten mom. Ok, well I’m using the term “rotten” loosely. I’ll explain.

Ok, no time to explain, let me sum up (can anyone tell me what movie that is from?????)

I like to be rotten sometimes. My son is adorable (just in case you missed that vital point the million other times I told you he and my daughter were perfect) and wonderful. And, when I’m trying to be “Hardcore Mom” and discipline or lay down the law the fact that Jerry is petty much perfect gets in the “way.” And, sadly, he is slowly figuring this out.

Like yesterday, when I told him he was disobedient for getting a hold of AND drinking the rest of my coffee….he put his forehead against mine and scrunched up his face…and smiled. And then I caved and smiled. I know I shouldn’t and disobedience isn’t funny!!…right?

I’m an advocate for obedience and for giving your kiddos boundaries and instruction. But, that must always ALWAYS be paired with love and you mustn’t ever forget- they’re KIDS.

That said, this is why yesterday I got to play “Rotten Mom” with Jerry. We got to be rotten together. There’s all kinds of roles for us mom’s and the primary role should be “Parent.” Buddying up for the sake of buddying up isn’t a healthy stance and you aren’t setting yourself up in a good position to raise your wee ones. Parent comes first. Then, mommies typically are “Ms. Fix It.”

Boo boo’s, broken toys, “I’m hunnnnGgggggRrrYyyyyy, mom!!!” or bad dreams take heed – mom’s can fix just about anything.

One of my favorites is Rotten Mom. Where you SOMETIMES decide….go ahead, eat cereal for dinner. Or, yep, run around the house in your diaper all day. Or, like yesterday…want to play in that rain puddle???

Look, folks it wasn’t THAT cold outside. In fact, I’d say it was brisk. And in my defense, I was just going to let him stomp in it, he FELL on his bottom. And got muddy. And needed a bath.

But boy, did he have fun. All this said, here are some pictures of my favorite little guy, being “rotten.” If you have any pictures of you being a Rotten Mom and letting your little one get into “trouble” feel free to share.









4 thoughts on “Rotten Mom

  1. aefountain says:

    I too love being a rotten mom.

    I taught my son at a young age to jump into every puddle. Of course we had rain boots on, rain pants and it didn’t much matter.

    It took a long time for my son to learn the art of jumping into a puddle, but eventually he accomplished it.

    He just didn’t realize all parties should be dressed appropriately for puddle jumping.

    They are only clothes and the joy I see on his face when he puddle jumps, with whoever goes for a walk with him, his priceless.

    ****there is also the time I swooped the 6 foot cut out of Ricky Martin into a closing dance sequence and proceeded to kiss him smack dab on the lips in front of my 10 year old son, in a Sears**** That was another rotten mom story, that still cracks me up.


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