You Know You’re….When…

You know you’re a parent (or a nerd for that matter. In this case, I’m both) when you try to get in bed but have to take a pile of library books out of it in order to do so.

I had books about a little bunny seeing his first snow, a “Little Critter” book titled “Just Grandma and Me,” and a book about how dinosaurs get better when they are sick all under the covers in my bed. Tiny things like this make me smile when I come across them. They’re almost like little treasures, or tiles in a mosaic. I think it is because they cause me to review the day that I had with my children. They help me remember the good in each day, the joy that is found in many busy little moments. Sometimes, the days can be a bit of a blur, but discovering something like this helps me pause and reflect for just a second.

When I look around and see crayons everywhere, or Richard Scarry’s “Biggest Word Book Ever” (thank you, Uncle Jason) opened on the floor in the dining room or Lego’s all over the coffee table and living room floor, it makes me feel like Jerry had a good day. That he touched, played with and enjoyed as many things as possible. That is his job, you see. He’s a little person. He is meant to have days filled with joy, wonderment and is supposed to satisfy his curiosity. Us mom’s try to aide those things as much as possible.

And we also try to clean it all up. Usually, to not avail.

I heard a saying once. “If your dog is fat, YOU aren’t getting enough exercise.” THIS. IS. TRUE. The state of your surroundings, people and things you care for the most convey what is really going on inside of us at the moment, and can most definitely reveal what our priorities are at the moment.

Maybe the same goes in this instance – if your house is messy and neglected, but your children are happy, than you’ve accomplished a great deal.

More or less.

Life is good.


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