Do You Know What THIS Is??

Go ahead. Have a look. Take your time.
Any ideas?
What is that? Yea, it’s a Cherry Coke. But that isn’t all. IT’S SWEET NECTOR is what THAT is! It’s wonderful, uplifting, caffeinated, sweetened GOLD I tell you!! And I miss it.
This is Day 4 of Week 2 (of the eleventh month in the 2011th year, for those of you who want to be porky mouths and have something funny to say!!!!) of Ashley’s full on assault of not having soda. I had soda on two different occasions last week, but Thanksgiving was Thursday and Rob took me out on Saturday. I’ve been clean for 4 days. And Juicy Juice, chocolate milk and coffee aren’t cutting it. I come from a soda family. Soda was always in my house, my grandmother’s house and my friend’s homes. It was everywhere, and at one point in my life I was drinking it like water. NO  MORE I SAY!! OK, well not “no more” as in “no more for the rest of forever.” Like THAT will ever happen. But instead of viewing it as a normal part of my diet, I’m trying to view it as a treat.
Trying. -_-
I feel like the fish on Finding Nemo. The one in the fishtank at the dentist’s office guarding the treasure chest that spouted out bubbles. I miss MY bubbles.
Ashley is about to CRACK. Funny thing is not long before someone challenged me not to have soda, I was doing OK and maybe having soda once or twice a week, sometimes more. But I didn’t long for it the way that I do now that someone told me that I shouldn’t have it. How fickle we humans are. What want what we can’t have. Or shouldn’t have. I could walk right up the street and put 75 cents into a soda machine and get a Dr. Pepper right now.
Wait…I COULD walk right up the street and do that….
…right now……
NO. I’m NOT going to do that. It is funny to at least entertain the thoughts of it. Maybe I’ll sing 99 bottles of coke on the wall. Or count Cherry Cokes until I fall asleep tonight.
God speed!!

8 thoughts on “Do You Know What THIS Is??

  1. David Hart says:

    I think the longest I lasted without soda was a week. Funny thing was that I was not trying to stay away from soda, I just didn’t want soda for awhile. I almost have 20oz daily, which isn’t good.

    And yes, Cherry…well, nearly any cherry soda is delicious. Even the diet cherry sodas taste good. To me, anyway.

    You know what, I want to try to find a diet cherry 7up when I have time.


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Haha, no, 20 oz. a day probably “isn’t good.” It sounds freaking DELICIOUS!!

      You can follow suit and try giving it up with me. You can do it!

      p.s. after I have just encouraged you to give up soda with me…let me just inform you…there is such a thing as Diet Cherry 7UP.

      Have a good night thinking on THAT!


  2. Audra says:

    I for the most part have cut out soda for the past year or so. Granted I lapse back now and again, but I feel so much better without it. It’s worth giving up and downing 8 glasses of water each day (though that feat in itself is hard to keep up). Good luck! And don’t feel bad if you back peddle every once and a while, it’s allowed. 😉


  3. Donna says:

    where can you get a soda for $.75? you CAN do it Ash!!! I’m not, never have been a soda drinker, but coffeeeee, there’s my nectar:) funny tho, it’s always decaf….. hmmmm wonder how that works:) xoxoxo!


    • ashleylecompte says:

      From the old soda Machine in front of the country store up the road. It’s DANGEROUS. And thanks to no soda and my wonderful neighbor, Amanda, I now am a coffee drinker! I take it sweet, though. Which probably isn’t good either….

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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