I Was Tougher When I Was A Kid

I had a few thoughts running through my brain yesterday as I was literally running after two 2 year olds.  We were at the playground behind my friend Sarah’s home enjoying the sunshine. The boys were laughing as they darted back and forth, climbing up the jungle gym and slides without fail or loosing their breath. I watched them in complete wonderment. If I had their amount energy every day I would be amazing.

Everything would be done around my house that needed to be done AND I would have time to spare. That is most likely never going to happen unless I start getting 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. I checked with Rob, Jerry and Clara and they told me that is not going to happen. They agreed that I may feed them and be at their constant disposal and that in return I may get a small amount of time to myself everyday!….to use the bathroom and cook meals. Ain’t they sweet?

In an effort to keep up with them, I started to climb up the jungle gym, but stopped at the bottom step. This hung out in front of me:

I grabbed onto it and swung around while the boys laughed. It swung me in circles and was actually pretty fun (so the kid inside me says!) I let go and put my feet back on the ground and all I could think of was….”OUCH!!!” My hands were somewhat raw from  my thirty seconds of swinging and my arms were tired from being stretched after holding myself up. Disgusted at how much of a wuss I was all I could think was…”Didn’t I used to play on things like this when I was a child??”

It then occurred to me, “I was tougher when I was a kid.” I had endless energy. I ran everywhere. I played outside all day long.  I played on the playgrounds that kids played on BEFORE they were further child proofed to make them safer and more comfortable (metal slides, anyone?) And to top it off…when I was bad I got SPANKED. Now a days, I’m content to walk, I don’t mind being outside -so long as it isn’t to hot or cold- and I want to wipe the playground at Chick Fil-A down with Lysol before I let my child play on it.

This could depress me. After all, since I’ve had two babies in two years and enjoyed countless cinnamon rolls and homemade bread I’m not exactly in tip top shape. But I’m trying to cut myself some slack. I don’t have time for working out at the moment. Plus, I’ve survived child birth- twice, which means I’m at least a little bit tough, right?  One day I will, mark my words, become a runner! One day. There is a solution to my desiring some time for fitness, however. And it’s actually rather simple. What I do have time for NOW is chasing Jerry up these:

And pushing him down these:

And to try improving both of our balance on one of these…

Yea, right. Like THAT is ever going to happen.


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