At The Dimming Of The Day…

My bathroom is out of sorts. My dining room looks like heck with dinner and toys everywhere. And my kitchen could use some love right about now. But I really must say that I don’t mind a lick and in fact, need to take a second to brag on Rob.  He cleaned up a big mess, bathed Jerry and is now tucking him into bed. All on his own volition. He ordered me to take a nice, long and hot shower before we settle down with one another for the evening. I was happy to oblige him.

Today was amazing. It was a new day for Jerry and I, in more ways than one. Nothing of which I will get into right now. Nothing bad, but just a new, fresh start it seems. Don’t we all need those every once in a while? A change to come up for air and feel like you’re catching a break? It was great. And a little bit of extra personal time to myself and a refreshing shower were the cherries on top, respectively.  Here is hoping I can talk my husband into watching a chick flick while we cuddle on the couch. Yea…RIGHT. Beggars can’t be choosers.




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