A Dozen Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

I have writer’s block tonight. I feel like my heart and head are stirring but the two just can’t converge. It could be information overload or because my husband and two children are literally in the room right next to me bouncing on the bed, squealing, tickling, giggling and cooing, respectively. And now, from my computer to your’s, written with a 4 month old on my lap, I present to you:

A Dozen Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

1.Some of you may or may not know but…I’m afraid of the dark. Sometimes it is debilitating. For example, if the power goes out and I’m in a room by myself I freeze. And typically cry out for Rob. And stand there and wait for him to come and get me, all while panting nervously and anxiously anticipating him coming to get me. I can’t hack it. I’m working on this.

2. I hate drinking water from a glass- unless I’m using a straw. I prefer it to come out of a bottle. And not a reusable aluminum bottle, I mean a bottle of water that you would get at the gas station. My house is littered with used water bottles that I keep refilling and recycling.  I know…there are other alternatives that are cheaper than $1.59 a bottle, but what can you do. At least it is water and not soda…sometimes.

3. Let me see if I can find more interesting fare for you….I love animals. Sometimes when I’m watching television or movies, I feel worse when things happen to an animal than a person. Albeit, sometimes that “person” is usually a “bad guy.” I was rooting for “Free Willy” to make it over the wall, “Mighty Joe Young” to flee captivity and felt a small twinge of sorrow for the shark AFTER it was blown up in “Jaws.” But honestly, I love animals and have a knack with them at times.  I’ve owned chickens, Canada Geese (shhh), a deer (shhhhhhh), horses, dogs and cats. I find myself lost in wonderment when I learn more and more about animals and their various complexities because it truly makes me turn my eyes to God to see how thoughtful and all knowing He is. It boggles my mind at His foresight when he made all of creation.

4. I would have failed the driving test for getting my driver’s license on the first try. The DMV employee testing me gave me back points on one of the things she marked me down on. I’m not sure why she took pity on me, but to her credit, I’ve never had a ticket or caused an accident. Just one little ole warning in almost 10 years of driving.

5. Jerry and Clara both have “theme songs” that I’ve made up for them. Some of their songs have no words to them and are only composed of sounds. No, I won’t sing them for you or to you because you aren’t Jerry or Clara.

6. Two of the bravest people I personally know are Amanda’s.  One has lost her father to sickness, the other one has given birth to a child with special needs and health issues.  Neither have flinched in the face of grief or despair, respectively.  I wish I had their courage.

7. Sometimes I worry if people like me. And by “people” I mean my friends.  I couldn’t stand to embarrass myself in front of people I know, but have no problem making a spectacle of myself around strangers. Somehow, I feel like my friends are going to figure out I’m a weirdo and change their minds about me. I’m not saying this to fish for compliments – this is completely true. Please still like me…

8. To get my attention, a guy once stood outside of my car… in his underwear…in the middle of the night during December. I was mad at him and wouldn’t speak to him. It didn’t work, in case you were wondering.

9. I love eating out and my favorite meal is lunch. I would eat a relatively small breakfast and dinner if I could indulge in a big lunch from somewhere of my choosing, everyday.

10. No matter what station of life I’m in, I always feel like the person on the outside looking in.

11. I freaking adore Kate Middleton. Something about an understated, classic and laid back girl who enjoys the fashionably simple stuff is fabulous and refreshing. Kate, the great! I say.

12. It is the last one…I have to make it count. I’m still extremely intimidated the label of homemaker/stay at home mom. I hardly consider myself to be proficient at this in the slightest. Sometimes, I let doubt swim in my head and wonder how good I am at any of this. I try to combat this by meditating on this , that “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” I just tack on wisdom, energy, knowledge, patience, love, kindness, endurance, proficiency and steadfastness on to the end of that verse. He supplies me with, infuses me with and enables me with all that I need.


There you have it. The oldest is in bed, the husband is relaxing with a beer on the porch (how very Cordova) and the 4 month old is now laying on the bed in the other room, clamoring for my attention. I can’t complain, I’ve had the time to write this tonight. It isn’t what I thought I would end up writing, but there you go. Voila.




8 thoughts on “A Dozen Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

  1. Amanda says:

    #10 – I can see that either as a pro or a con. Curious – in what way did you mean it?
    #1 – you and me both. we’d be clinging to each other jumping at the very ‘feeling’ of something near us.
    #5 – where’s my theme song??? you know i have one for you… okay, i lie.
    #6 – you are too kind, but thank you 🙂
    #7 – you ARE strange and i love that about you!! who wants normal?
    #12 – you are amazing. i’ve told you before that i look up to you – and i meant it.

    not sure why i started with #10 but there you have it.


    • ashleylecompte says:

      I think it is mostly a con in my case, but I get what you mean when you say that it could be a pro. I’m not really sure. I guess I feel like for as well as I know people and am close with them or no matter how well I am integrated into something, I still sometimes get twinges of not feeling like I’m a part of it, or worry that people like someone else better. If that makes sense? It is part of a complex where I think I worry to much about folks liking me.

      I feel like I just opened a whole new can of worms! Haha, but I guess in some ways I’m still coming to terms with it.

      1-We would be! And it would be even worse if we had a mouse in our pants!! @_@

      5-Haha, you know, that is a good question!!!

      6- It is the truth 🙂

      7- Haha, am I strange?! I like to let that “freak flag” wave!

      12-YOU are to kind, but you have told me that before. And I thank you. Even though I COULD interpret that as you literally look up to me since I’m a giant!! But thank you. 🙂


  2. Maryellen says:

    Hey Ashley, I just read your blog and it was really fun to learn more about you. I also went on to your friend Amanda’s site and it was so inspirational she is indeed a strong woman and a wonderful mother giving unconditional love in leaps and bounds. You too are a wonderful mother and that you find time to write is so great. Hope to see you guys this year for Thanksgiving but have not heard anything yet as to what everyone is planning. I am going to buy a little turkey and have it here just ‘in case’. I can’t believe we are into Nov. in less than a week. Time flies when you are having fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Hey there! Thanks for reading my blog! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, that is exactly what I’m aiming for. 🙂 And thanks for your support for Amanda! She is totally amazing and her son is wonderful. Along with her hubby and three other kiddo’s. Definitely keep tabs on her, her blog is awesome.

      I’m not sure yet about Thanksgiving for my clan either, but maybe between the Thanksgiving and Christmas, we somewhere in there will meet up again. *hugs*


  3. Jessica says:

    I would never have thought of you as being intimidated by being a SAHM. Do me a favor when you start to question yourself. Try to think of anything else in the world that someone could be completely proficient at in less that two years, and then cut yourself some slack.

    (Also, I have already figured out that you’re a weirdo and its only made me love you more!)


    • ashleylecompte says:

      Very true, Jess. Thank you for that. And YES it is intimidating. But in some ways, I feel like if you want to do a great job in rearing your kiddo’s, you kind of, in a way, need to be intimidated. Or at least, concerned. I don’t want to fail them, so I guess that is where the intimidation lies. But it isn’t a good place to put myself in, either.

      I’m working on that. Thank you!

      p.s. Glad you still love me! Love you!


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