The Things You Never Thought You’d Say and The Conversations You Never Thought You Would Have…

If you have had or been around a two year old, you know that the possibilities are endless. My son is no exception. Without further adieu.

Rob: “Don’t pick your nose with the airplane, Jerry.”

Me: “Please don’t sit on your sister again.”

Me:”Stop standing inside of the refrigerator and put the mustard back.”

Jerry: Baby Clara POOPED.
Me: No, Jerry, that was you.
Jerry: Yes.

Jerry:”Sound like cuckoo bird….Nope, its baby Clara.”

Rob:”Jerry, please stop licking the fronts of the cabinets.”

Me:”Please, don’t drink anymore dirty bathwater.”

Me:”Who am I?”
Jerry: “Daddy!”
Me:”No, I’m not daddy. Who am I?”
Jerry: “Mommy!!”
Me:”Good! Now who are YOU?”
Jerry:”Baby Clara.”
Me:*sigh*”No…who are you?”

me:”Jerry…are you coloring your belly button?”

Hopefully, these brightened up your day, or at least made you laugh. If so, you’re welcome.


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