Moonriver and Me…

After much determination and cooing, Clara touched my face for the first time tonight. She did this all on her own save for some coaxing from momma. It was so sweet and of course, now that I’m a big softie, melted my heart. These are the moments mommys need. After long days of cleaning up messes, temper tantrums and crying, dirty diapers and demands for chocolate milk you are sapped of your energy to say the least. And if you’re like me you may also be ready to pull your hair out.

All it takes to ground you again is a moment. Getting to share in so many “firsts” with my children has been such a blessing to me. It’s one thing that gets me through chaotic days that run together when life is bursting forward. A hand on your face and a smile from your child makes e
verything stop. Sometimes I ask God for the energy to get through the day and for a moment’s peace. I envision those moments of peace to be filled with me sitting on the sofa relaxing while watching tv. Sure, a quiet moment on the sofa vegging may be what I had in mind, but a peaceful moment snuggled up with my daughter works too. Really well.

*end cheesy hallmark music….here*


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