Miss Baby

I realize now that I haven’t ever put anything on here “introducing” my family to you reader’s out there…

*crickets chirp*

You may not be to worried about them, as they aren’t driving YOU crazy or melting your heart on a daily basis, but I’ll be darned if I can have a blog titled “Ashley’s Devotions” and NOT talk about the best things around these days. So without further adieu, The Weird, The Loud: The LeCompte’s.

We’ll take this one at a time because a.) I’m ready for bed but still have to get this out because the creative juices are flowing (as they normally do, shortly before bed. As is the way,) and b.) they’re all way to cool (obnoxious) to be put together in ONE post.

I’ll start with who is on my brain first and foremost tonight. Clara Elizabeth: Her name is a mouthful and SHE is a handful. My June bug, my little Sunflower, she certainly is sweet as can be. Ah yes, the one that kept me up at all hours of the night when she was first born. She who wouldn’t eat properly causing me to be filled with worry the first few weeks of her life. She let’s her opinions fly, to say the least. Is it all worth it? And how, baby.

A June Bug if there ever was one.

She was a surprise to us as we weren’t trying at the time for a second baby but were totally ready to embrace another child should God decide to bless us. And He certainly did. She was born 4 days before her big brother’s second birthday, so needless to say June is going to be one month (besides December) where we are utterly broke due to special holidays. Between her birthday on the 22nd, Jerry’s on the 26th, our wedding anniversary on July 17th and my birthday on July 22nd, her special day kicks off a month of important celebrations.

She is very strong and already capable of quite a bit. She rolled over before she was a month old. Though this was mostly out of spite, as we had placed her on her tummy to try to tire her out so that she would actually allow us to lay her down while she slept. Clara had a habit of wanting to be held CONSTANTLY when she first came home. While that was nice the first two weeks as I was recovering from my c-section and had lots of extra help, this behavior quickly wore on my nerves thereafter. She also has a sense of humor, as is evidenced by her favorite trick: Looking and seeming to be asleep so I could try to lay her down and get sleep myself. The second her dainty head touched the pillow the eyes would pop open. I’m sad to say that it is still effective at times. She loves to be involved as much as possible, so it is good for her and us that she is already quite capable of holding her head up. Her favorite things to gaze at are ceiling fans and people talking. She also loves -LOVES- to talk, herself. Go figure, a chick that likes to talk. She also LOVES to change her mind, which is true to form of what my mother says about girls. “Women reserve the right to change their minds at any time -without notice.” Thanks for that one, mom. Once again, in my journey to adulthood I have to admit, that my mother was right about something.

"Where are we headed?"

The name “Clara” means bright and clear. She certainly is clear about what she wants and bright as the sun when she smiles – her name suits her perfectly. She has been such a huge blessing to us, though sometimes we like to joke otherwise. I can’t wait for her to continue to grow, to teach me new things everyday and make my heart swell with love and pride more than I ever thought I had the capacity of. I gaze at her, sometimes, lost in thought. So small and helpless. Yet she is such a large presence in my thoughts and heart. But she is totally unaware. Children can will drain you of all of your energy and emotions, but people do know what they’re talking about when they say,” its all worth it.” By “it”, they mean the sleepless nights, the discomforts of pregnancy, the pain of delivery, the sapping of your energy and the inevitability of all of your thoughts and energies being focused on your children and making sure that they are happy and well. Having someone that is 3 months old who I adore and that I can already tell loves me back before she even knows what love is or means, is mind boggling to say the very least. How do I know she loves me since she can’t tell me so and can’t move much on her own to show me? I guess it’s just in her eyes, or her smile. Or how she clammers to be held. How when I walk around her, her eyes follow my every movement. Or when I put my hand on her face, she closes her eyes as if to basque in the touch. Just recently, she figured out how to put her hand on top of mind to hold it there when I touch her. I say if she wants that to be one of the first things she learns how to do, that pretty much speaks louder than anything else I can think of.

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.


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